Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A middle....

I was going to title this post "a beginning" but I realized that truly, we are starting this blog in the middle of our journey to our next little one. The title comes from one of the first converstaion we had with a couple who had adopted ( when we were considering adopting the first time). The wife said that there are so few times in our lives when we completely let go of control, throw our arms open wide and allow God to bless us with something that only He can do. This journey has had such an imprint of God's hand on it, and He has made it so clear that this is our path. You are welcome to join in and watch what He does!

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The Richerts said...

Hi Shannon,
Congratulations on your referral!
My name is Barbara Richert. We are in the awaa waiting children program, too. We received our referral on March 26. Our little girl will be one in August. Maybe we will be traveling together?!
Praying for quick PA, RA, and TA's!!


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