Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Could you pray?

Hi...I'm here again asking for prayer. We are still waiting on our Travel Approval, until we have it we cannot book flights or know for certain that we are travelling on the 30th. I am packing and planning as if we are but am also struggling with quite a bit of anxiety. I am trying hard to keep focused on The Lord and His perfect timing. When I pray I feel like He whispers the word, "cling" and I am doing my darnest to cling like crazy....but I am feeling weary. Could you pray for us to have the faith to hold on?


Miller Moments said...

Sending prayers your way. Hopefully you'll have the official TA soon!

The Richerts said...

Praying for you Shannon! I know how you feel. Keep trusing the Lord and stay busy! You will get there.

TanyaLea said...

Oh, I hear ya...even as Christians that anxiety seems to find a way to creep in. Just remember that fear is not from God, so know that He IS in control and will make things happen. So continue to keep pressing on as you are and "CLING!"...(I like that!)...and immerse yourself in His word. As you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you, too!!

Continuing to lift you up in prayer!...can't wait for those praise reports!! <><


Lerah said...

Yes, just prayed and will continue to. From my removed perspective it seems to me that you are in that last mile of the marathon. You have come so so so incredibly far. You will make it. God isn't letting go of you. Praying for your sweet Baby Georgia. and that TA to come through!!

Gretchen said...

Hold on girl! It's coming soon!


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