Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No news,

is good news right???Or that is what I am telling myself. Our agency is trying to make conact with the orphanage to make sure they are alright. Thanks for your continued prayers. I am SO ready to have our little girl here and to deal with all that comes as she is in our arms instead of having her half a world away facing unknown dangers.
Again please keep praying for:

* Georgia's safety during the flooding and the safety of others.

* For Georgia's heart. This is a tough time of year with heat and humidity which I have read can make her struggle worse. Please pray that she is somewhere cool and that her heart is stable.

* For quick travel! All we are waiting on is travel approval but paperwork can get held up for unknown reasons at this point, please pray that China grants approval quickly.

* For peace in our hearts as we wait to hear news. The longing to make sure she is ok is something that I can not even put into words.

Thanks so much for your support once again!!!!


Cheri said...

Praying you hear news soon and that all is well. We will continue to keep your family and Georgia in our prayers.

The Richerts said...

Continuing to pray, Shannon!


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