Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What God has done!!!!!

Ok...I only have a few minutes but want to share. The Lord continues to humble me. Last night I was literally a puddle of tears and Doug held me while I blubbered. I just didn't feel like I could take the wait even one more day....and then when we were done talking I walked to the computer to find those 9 precious pictures (see post below)!!!!!!!! But it doesn't stop there......

Just a few minutes ago I got an email from our agency saying that we should plan to travel on the 30th !!!! Yes of July, as in two weeks from now!!!!!!!! We do not have our Travel Approval yet but they anticipate it in the next week or two!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that we are finally at this point and cannot wait to hold my little girl on August 2nd!!!!!!!!


Naomi said...

Shannon, that is wonderful news and I cannot wait to see you travel finally to meet Georgia!! Her pictures are so adorable but it makes me so sad to hear that she has to sit down after a few steps because she gets tired! Oh Lord please allow Shannon to travel on the 30th!!!!

I will be praying!


TanyaLea said...

Praise the Lord! I love how He hears our heart cries! He is FAITHFUL!!! <><

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO excited for you! I will definately be praying for that plane trip happening on the 30th. I was praying for "soon", but now I'll be more specific! :)

Love to you, Doug and your children!

~Elizabeth Mills

The Richerts said...

Great news Shannon!!! Praying for the whole kit and kaboodle!!!!

Miller Moments said...

Soooo happy to hear your great news!

Gretchen said...

What amazing news! I am praying TA comes today!

Heather said...

Awesome news! Cannot wait to follow your journey to sweet Georgia. You can bet, I am here for the long haul!

Randy and Staci said...

I have been out of town but my mom called me to tell about the recent posts. The last one I read was about Georgia needing to sit after a few steps and that made MY heart heavy, and I was thinking about you a lot because I could only imagine how you felt... God heard all those extra prayers and has made the most wonderful thing happen! I am so thrilled you get to travel soon. When we started the adoption process I knew I would witness spiritual moments and have God's guidance throughout it, but getting to see so many miracles has been very humbling to me. I am thankful to Him for all these gifts. I am looking forward to reading about your next weeks! I am thrilled, actually! Take care, Staci


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