Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Whatever you have done for the least of these you have done unto me...

When we started the whatever project we never could have imagined the way that it would have nestled down into the cracks of our comfortable hearts and changed things from the inside out. You see...we said "Lord we will do whatever you want" every morning and at every decision and He took us up on it. This turned into the best vacation we have ever had. It started out as us looking for ways to "whatever" for the Lord"...and turned into a hunger to serve the "least of these". God exposed us to some phenomenal stories of people stepping out in faith to serve those that the world has despised...the deaf in Baja who had absolutely NO language and were treated like wild dogs, the migrant workers who made their home and life from whatever scraps they could scrounge up and the orphans left alone with no one to love or care for them. The stories were of people who stepped up and said, God "whatever You say, however You lead...I want to be there." These things just floated across our plate. Along with those experiences, we met and fell in love with so many sweet people. People wearing the face of Christ in this world.
The unsettling things about the "whatever" project is how intimately God held our hands and that it was something that I cannot deny He created or directed for us. My hands still shake when I think about the God of the Universe showing His heart to us as we ambled along in our mini-van full of toddler chaos.
Doug & I took time last night to walk beneath the frozen skies up here and to pray...what most idellibly marked us from the trip? The desire to continue...instead of having a brief "whatever" trip to Baja it is that we want to have "whatever lives"...every....day. To get up and not just take another day as it is but to say "whatever you want today Lord." We want to be led by Him rather than by our own selfish or comfortable desires...we want to be out on that edge, further all the time because that is where we have found life to be vibrant, true and deeply real...God is there in ways unimaginable and He wants to meet each of us. I pray that He continues to gently unpeel my grip of comfort on my life so that my eyes can turn and truly see Him MORE all the time!

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