Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you ever wondered...

   If you ever wondered if it is important to reach out, to do something on behalf of orphans...if you ever wondered if sending that check, or encouraging email or letter or prayer made a difference. If the thoughts of these little ones flit somewhere in the back of your mind throughout the day, or even if they don't. Please read this, I would venture it will be the most meaningful thing you read all day:





stephanie said...

Hello to you too! I was wondering how you found me and then I saw your Memorial Box Monday post... Linny of course! What an incredible post that was! simply miraculous!

Your children are breath taking. I will most certainly enjoy following you! Glad you found me!

The Edin Family said...

Will you please pray for my friend Jenn and her son Paxton? He is five months old and in surgery right now. Thank you so much. www.thebestofthewests.blogspot.com

thank you!!



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