Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


   I had the most beautiful moment with Georgia today. I was sitting on the couch and honestly, I was crying over something. I thought that Georgia was busy in the other room playing but felt a gentle tap-tap on my knee. I looked down and Georgia was standing there with her big brown eyes looking up at me. She had an unbelievably gentle look on her face and climbed up on the couch and in to my lap. She snuggled up with me for a minute and then looked again into my face.

   As she looked up, I saw that tears streamed down her cheeks. She pointed to her tears and pointed to mine and then said, "sad." Then I really began to cry at the beauty of my little girl's heart ( I'm a crier...a weeper at times!). She touched my cheeks and then touched hers and just kept saying, "sad."
   At first I panicked and felt like I should stop and act like everything was ok and honestly I could not help but smile and cheer up with that little face and those little pigtails in front of me. We then moved on to playing trains and building tunnels (or I should say I built tunnels and Georgia scream YEAH and knocked them down!) As we have gone through the day Georgia has had her share of tears (usually while in the 'time-out' chair for whacking her brother over the head with her sippy cup or pinching her sister)...each time she has pointed to them and said , "sad."

Yep, sometimes there are tears at our house!

   Now, I realize what a gift that tender heart is. I have prayed so many times for our kids to deeply know and understand the compassion of Christ...that it would saturate their very souls. The only way for them to understand compassion is for them to understand sadness and pain. So many times I want to shield them and yet in moments like today I get a glimpse of the true beauty in their hearts and what they can bear and hold and I cannot wait to see all that God has in store for their precious hearts. It also makes me wonder how much I miss of God's heart when I shy away from things that are uncomfortable. Am I willing to go to those places to see, feel and know God's heart better? I don't want to miss out on even an ounce of Him so I pray that He will guide me even where I may not want to go....


Jill said...

What a sweetheart!
Jill :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

That is the sweetest! To see that glimpse of her tender heart and know that she understands "sad." That is so important for children. Life is not always happy ... but it's not always sad either and it's so important to show those things to our children so they see us as people with hurts and disappointments as well as love and smiles. I hope whatever brought your tears has been comforted deeply by her concern and love for you. She is so very sweet! Think of all the tears that rolled for her last year when she was so very far away. Although an ocean away they must have been felt by her heart through your love! She will grow up to be such a special young lady!

Melinda said...

What a sweet moment and a sweet girl!

sallee said...

no tears in a POPPY DIP !!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful post..
your prayers are being answered with your sweet Georgia's compassion for her mommy. Being willing to go with God places I don't want to go..hmmmm Are you reading my mind? No, but GOD is and gave me the words I needed to hear today. I have not been wanting to deal with my life after cancer....but know it is time. Don't you just love it when you write something and it reaches out and grabs another person! Thank you for sharing this today.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh. I'm going to read some more entries...just wanted to let you know I'm going to follow you back and subscribe to your feed. It would truly be an honor to get to know you. ;-)


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