Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Love Coffee Winner!!!!!!!!!

We Have a Winner!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for this person because coffee is such a treat, especially coffee for such a good cause!

Thanks to everyone who participated and encouraged Craig & Jenn on their journey!

Now, if you did not win, you know a great place to get coffee and help a super cool couple!

So....here at our house our little give away team decided to share their favorite drinks with you...

Miss Ravenna is truly a lemonade gal
(photo by Doug's cousin Kat)

Parker is a milk dude...he calls it his "big cold fresh pink milk" (long story)

And Miss Georgia Mei...this give away was really right up her alley because she is quickly on her way to becoming a coffee addict (decaf only). She calls it "Fra-Fra" and if it is anywhere within a 1 mile radius, she will find it! I actually made myself a cup of coffee the other day and set it on the kitchen counter. I went to do laundry and came back to find my little sweetheart had pulled a chair from the dining room up to the counter and was polishing off the last drops from that very full cup!
(this photo by Kat too, isn't she talented???)


The moment you have been waiting for.....

And the Winner is......

jodibee designs
from Jodibee Designs
She has a great blog where she talks about jewelry, good deals and everyday life!!!!!

Make sure to head over and congratulate her!

Jodi, I will email you so we can get you treats on the way!!!!!

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Jodi said...

Oh wow!! Thank you so much!


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