Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, May 24, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- His golden moment...

       This story happened just this weekend and I do not want to forget even the smallest detail...it is one that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. We had friends here this weekend and our little house was full to bursting with giggles, princess dress up and deep talks. The kids ran and played until they were completely spent. Saturday evening came and I climbed up into Parker's bunkbed to tuck him in.

       We snuggled up together in his cowboy sheets, a world all our own, my cheek next to his...big green eyes sparkling at me, blond hair tickling my face as it shone in his little nightlight, impish grin on his face. Parker is a huge snuggler and he and I both love our special time in that bunkbed way up high. Oh how I love my quirky little guy who loves to be called "Spuz, Super-Duper Robot Guy or Mr. Eyeball Man." I love that he pretends to have robot hands, that he can explain exactly how electricity is made and takes the long(descriptive) way to say everything (his milk has been "cold, big , fresh, pink milk" for years...).

       This night he looked up at me when I asked what he wanted to pray for and he said, "Mama, pray for me not to do bad things, pray for Satan to go away" Parker has been gifted with an incredibly tender heart and it crushes him if he hurts someone in any way. He had accidentally hit a friend that day and even though we had talked about it, he was still feeling bad. So, I held him closer and whispered him how proud of him and how God had given him such a beautiful kind heart.

        Then my little boy, his pillow surrounded by his lego creations, said, "Mama tell me more about Jesus and Satan. Tell me again the story of Jesus." So I told him again, the story he knows so well of how Jesus was God's son, how He came to earth and died for our sins, how He rose again...how His death can bring forgiveness We talked about how someday, when/if he was ready he could pray and give his life to Jesus.
     Well, my little guy, sippy cup in his mouth looked at me with those big eyes and nodded and whispered "right now". I made sure that he understood what he was doing and he nodded again...and he prayed. He closed his eyes and I watched as my golden haired boy prayed, telling God that he loved Him, that He wanted to "join His team" and that he was sorry and accepted forgiveness for his sins...my little guy prayed to accept Jesus!
    When he was done his little face beamed with joy and he whispered, "go get Daddy!" and all three of us squished together in that bunkbed way up high and celebrated all that God has planned for our little golden-haired boy. And Parker just beamed...and hasn't stopped since. I can tell a difference in him, a confindence, a joy that is deeper than before.

      One of my the things that I have asked God so many times is that I could be there when my kids prayed to accept Him. I know that it was more important that they did than if I was there but, as a mom, I just so wanted to be there....and praise God I got to be.
      In my Memorial Box I am placing a little cross made out of legos so that I never forget this precious day!!!!!
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Stephanie said...

:D! Oh yay God! So excited to have Parker as a new brother. :D And so glad that you could be there and be part of it. Praying that he will grow to be a strong, Christ-like man.


natali said...

tears! :D
Rejoicing with you & your little guy!!!!!

Gretchen said...

Hallelujah! It is the biggest blessing to hear your child say that they are ready to let Jesus into their life forever. I am so happy for you, my friend. It is a gift you will never forget!

I always prayed that my children would accept Jesus at a young age so that their life would be different than mine (I didn't become a Christian until I was 18). At least that way I know that even though life will not be easy for them, they will have a Rock to lean on.

Jdaniels said...

How wonderful! What a complete and total blessing to be the one to share Jesus' salvation with Parker!

stephanie said...

I basically just start crying even before I read your Memorial Box Monday Posts! Seriously!

How beautiful of Parker.
And a big hug to him from me!

A Cup of Cold Water said...

oh that is so wonderful!!! so precious! what a moment!! !:)

Ben and Rach said...

That's totally awesome!!!!! It makes me so happy for you!!! I could see a difference in Anna when she accepted Him too! Isn't that amazing?

Elizabeth Mills said...

I'm so happy for Parker and for you... you got to teach him and lead him to the Lord! :)

Holly said...

So exciting!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Yippee Jesus!! Indeed Parker's Golden Moment - and how wonderful to have it written down and memorialized forever!!

Please tell Parker that we say, "welcome to the Team!"

Kathy said...

That is so exciting!!! I am so
happy for you!!!

Susan A said...

how so beautiful! :)

from all of us with love said...

Praising God for your example to your son. I can only imagine what an example you are to your gifts from God!! Looking forward to what God has in store for Parker!!
Go team!!!

Ginger said...

I want to share with you and your readers my prayer for my own children, and for the children in my life. It is a joy to watch how the Lord answers it!

"Lord, bless this precious child.
May he come to know you early,
love you well,
and serve you whole-heartedly."

The Richerts said...

Rejoicing with you!! Praise Him!!

Su said...

Hi Shannon-

Our God is Good!!! You need to print this out and stick it in Parker's babybook, scrapbook. I am excited that God grabbed Parker's heart at such a young age. . .oh what is in store for your boy!!!


Holly said...

oh Yippee Jesus! I have tears in my eyes!!

Tammy :) said...

What a beautiful day in your home and in the kingdom of God!! Praising God with tears rolling down my face for your sweet little one! The joy we have when we know our children know Our Father!! I will pray for Parker and his continued walk with The Lord! Happy day the Saints are rejoicing in heaven!


Tiffany said...

Found you from Linn - and I am so glad I did! Yippee for Parker! I cant wait to meet this sensitive, sweet boy someday with Jesus - he will be a world-changer.


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