Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Miracle Heart Babies...

   I get to do the coolest thing! Ever since we came home with Georgia and stepped into the world of children with heart conditons, I have prayed that God would make a way for me to help the the other little ones still waiting for their chance. Well, one of the ways that God has answered that prayer is through Love Without Boundaries. This is an organization that started as a couple of families helping tiny boy with a heart condition and has bloomed into a non-profit agency that is touching the lives of thousands of children every day in China. They have medical programs, educational programs, noursihment programs, they help run 4 healing homes for children waiting for and recovering from surgery as well as helping out in orphanages all across China. I have been reading for days and am in awe of all that Love Without Boundaries does. Take some time to click through their website (Click Here) and you will be blessed!
   I get to be the Heart Surgery Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries which means I get to have a little hand in helping these precious little ones get a chance at life and a bigger chance at finding their families. I am switching things around here a little bit and soon there will be a page for the LWB cuties that I get to work with. I have been familiarizing myself with their 40+ sweet faces and stories and cannot wait to let you know about these littlest fighters!

    Today I want to introduce you to three babies who are at the exciting point where they are almost ready for their surgeries!

This is Marisol....
Her medical team has said that she has won their hearts. She is a bright-eyed, precious little girl. She is inching her weight up to the spot that it needs to be for her to have surgery for her complex and serious heart condition. Last week she went into respiratory distress and they are seeing if she can do her surgery now. She still needs donors to help give her a chance at life and to find her forever family. Can't you just see her  twirling around dressed up like a princess????

This is sweet Hannah right after intake...she has now gained 10.5 ounces, is eating better and has developed a love for being tickled! Even in this picture you can see a mischevious spark in her eyes! Along with some serious heart defects she has a cleft lip and palate. She is ready for her heart surgery and is in big need of donations to help make that happen.

This handsome guy is Todd. He has the same heart condtion as our Georgia Mei. In China they do teh repair in two different surgeries. He had his first surgery last year but his lungs are still struggling He is in urgent need of his second surgery now. Todd has a huge capacity for love and is very connected to his foster father who just adores him. Again, Todd is in need of our support to help him thrive!

As I have  begun to go through files and get to know these precious babies the thing that keeps striking me is this:
These little ones do not have Mamas or Daddies yet. They do not have parents to help them get the care that they need. If one of our children had such a serious need for surgery we would be beating down every door to get themt he help they needed. Love Without Boundaries does just that, they are the voice for the children. They are the ones who are making sure that they get a chance to run and jump and play and to be ready when it is their turn to be placed into the loving arms of their Mama and Daddy. They pay for transportation, for a nanny to be there the whole time with the child. The staff cherishes their little faces, their milestones, they cheer them on as they grow and pray for them when they struggle.

Is God calling you to be a voice for one of these children? To be part of the answer (even if it is a small one)? If you do help, you get 1, 3,6 and 12 month updates to see how great they are doing!!!!!
You can find out more at

  ***** Feel free to copy this or link to it to get the word out for these kiddos!!!!!!*********


Tara Anderson said...

Oh Shannon, what a dream job!!!! I can't imagine being able to be so hands-on in the lives of these precious darlings! Little Hannah caught my eye the first time I saw her...can't remember when that was, though! :) Now she rests even more dearly there since I know she has BOTH cleft and CHD. There's something about the combination of those two that tugs at my heart so tenderly...

Ben and Rach said...

Sweet little faces!

Jen said...

You and I emailed alot about this time last year as we both were waiting to bring our girls home. Both with heart conditions. Our daughter, Meisyn is a LWB graduate. She had her OHS once we came home. Well, I saw your post about your new position on the LWB yahoo group that we belong to!!! Because, I, too am a LWB volunteer!!! I work in the Foster Care Program. It is just one more Red Thread in our journey!! I'm sure I will be "talking" to you over on the LWB group!! Isn't it the best?!?! Did you read Amy's post on the LWB Blog today? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote from her: "Until every child knows love — our work together continues." OH * MY* How this touches my heart and soul!!!


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