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Hands and house

Monday, August 9, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- The Slide

    I have had this story in the back of my mind to tell for awhile but it still makes my stomach turn when I think of it. Life can change in an instant and is so very precious.
     Last Winter, the kids and I were playing on the playground after school. They were running around laughing and screaming their heads off, blowing off steam from the day. Just as some of their friends were leaving, they begged them to stay and play. So Judith decided to stay, "just for a few minutes" with her boys. Georgia was still so very new to us and I felt so protective of her. It had been months since we had adopted her and she had her open heart surgery but she still was my baby and after walking through so much, I tended to hover. I was working hard on learning to let her explore, give her space to learn what her now-strong body could do.
    So I let her toddle around, watching her from just a few feet away, standing below her as she climbed the stairs on the playground. She was proudly wearing this bright pink poncho sweater that was mine when I was a little girl. She giggled as the long tassles with big pink balls bounced when she ran.  Judith and I were talking away. Georgia, standing at the top of the ladder, pointed at me saying, "Up Mama, Up!" So, Ugg boots and all, I cilmbed up the stairs to join my little girl. She pointed to the slide and said in her loudest most exuberant voice, "Lap Mama! Lap!"
    So I snuggled her up, making sure her arms and legs were tucked in tight and would not get hurt and down we zipped in the crisp air. When all of a sudden something went terribly wrong. I heard her make a noise and kick her feet. My weight was pulling us down but we had slowed for some reason. I looked at Georgia and saw that her lips were turning blue. I looked up the slide and saw that one of those pink tassles was lodged between the slide and the wood. My little girl was being strangled. I pushed and pushed frantically with my feet but my boots had no traction and slid out from under me. I rolled to my stomach to try to push her back up but I just slid again. Hot tears came and I could hear myself scream for help.
     Judith ran and was able to reach up and unlodge the tassle. We slid down and I got that sweater off as fast as I could. Georgia cried and cried and my tears mixed with hers as I saw the long cut on her neck. My little girl was alive but it could have been so different. What if I had been alone?
   The Lord had known...He had brought Judith. He had saved Georgia before the accident even began. To this day I see that scar on my baby girl's neck and cannot thank God enough for that miracle.
   I my Memorial Box? Those two bright pink tassles that I cut off as soon as we got home.
      If you want to know more about Memorial Boxes you can visit Linny's blog:


7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

I so remember when you first posted about that accident...
I can still feel all the emotions..
Your family is just simply beautiful and I love reading all your posts!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh goodness, I remember reading about this when it happened. It made my heart pound then, and it makes my heart pound now. It also causes me rejoice once again at God's faithful goodness to rescue Georgia! This story is a wonderful reminder that He is always, always with us!

Thank you for sharing.



Elizabeth Mills said...

I remember when that first happened and my heart still pounds hard today to remember that story and how God saved her life again!

<3 Elizabeth

Susan A said...

Praise YHWH for saving your daughter, that must have been so frightening! Your post reminded me of contacting a person for permission to share her story about how she (deaf herself) heard Him speak to her audibly to save her drowning daughter.

He is so good! :)

3childrenbyfaith said...

So thankful for His protection.Your memorial box stories always are an amazing testimony of God's goodness. I love reading them!

Jdaniels said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to look back and know that God was in control and protecting you, even though you didn't realize it at the time. I think we'd worry and stress a lot less in life if we remembered that more often!

I'm so glad that God protected you and Georgia. She's a definite sweetheart!

Ben and Rach said...

Scary and awesome at the same time!

Renee said...

Praise God for this intervention that saved your little one's life and kept her from even more harm..Thank you for shariing...

Valerie and Jeff said...

I saw the title of the post and I put off reading it knowing the story that would be there waiting to be read! It scared me to read it again and think about it! But I had to read it again. And I have tears that burn my eyes thinking of that horrible experience! Thank you God that He protected Georgia, that you were able to call for help and that help was there and that you have told so many about the dangers of those cute little ties that we all assume are cute and safe!

Holly said...

oh thank you Jesus. Thank you. Made me cry!

Mom Of Many said...

Wow. Thank you Lord for your protection...He is so faithful...


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