Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Answered Prayers!

    I spent a good portion of last night thinking of what I wanted to write! Thank you to everyone who was praying. First off guess what God did????
* I have zero sciatic pain! AND the pain that I have lived with for years is gone too!!!! I have a whopper of an incision and am moving very slowly, thankful that this pain will soon heal!
* I did not get sick from the anesthisia!!! Not even one little bit!
* Our kids had a ball with their Grandparents and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mom tomorrow!

  Now...here the part that is just so fun and amazing....
     I was lying there in my hospital bed, Doug and headed home to get the kids. I was looking out my giant window at the beautiful foothills and the Columbia River. One of my machines started beeping so I pushed the nurse call button. I heard quick footsteps coming and around the corner peeked one of my friends from the Bible study/prayer group I was apart of! I had no idea that she worked as a nurse at Providence and she had no idea I was there. It was such a treat to see Lynette and to catch up on each others lives. We both talked a mile a minute about the things God had done since we had last seen each other. Her shift was almost over so we prayed for each other and hugged. I cannot think of a better surprise than Lynette peeking around that curtain! Isn't God just like that? Lynnete was not my nurse but she had decided to check my call button while my nurses were helping someone else. I can just picture God smiling!
    I had a picture of our 3 kids that Doug put up on the wall in my hospital room. Each nurse saw the pictures and began to ask questions, especially about Georgia. I was able to tell a tiny portion of our story and two nurses are actually seriously considering adoption! Here' the other thing that made my heart smile. At shift exchange, my new nurse for the evening peeked for a quick second very excited and she said, "I cannot wait to talk with you more...I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot! She was such a joy and her heart is completely stable 20 some years later!
    As I watched the sunset through my giant window, I could help but smile at God's little presents along the way!
   Thank you all SO, SO, SO much for your prayers!!!!


stephanie said...

now that sounds like a MBM post!!

Awesome! So glad everything went so well!!!!

Adrian Roberta said...

Thankyou Lord! What a wonderfull post to wake up to. (-:


3childrenbyfaith said...

He is an awesome God. I had to go to the doctors not to long ago to get something with my heart checked out..I was so nervous, and then my nurse called my name..and she was a lady from my church!! I didn't know she worked there either! But it certainly lifted me up :) You story reminded me of this. Glad to hear everything went well.

Tara Anderson said...

Oh! I've got God chills!!! It never ceases to amaze me how He works on our behalf! I'm glad you're not experiencing any pain other than your incision site, and that should be much better within the next couple of weeks. Still praying for you...recovering from surgery isn't easy! :)

Miller Moments said...

I'm so thankful that you are doing okay and that everything went well. I've been praying for you every morning and all day long on Tuesday. Hopefully once you heal, you can move forward with a pain free life!

Ben and Rach said...

That is super cool!!! I'm so glad everything went so so well and that God even threw in those extra presents for you! You are loved and prayed for. Heal quickly!

Cara said...

I'm so thankful that everything went well. Praise the Lord!

Christabelle said...

This is wonderful! How amazing. :)

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

My heart is leaping with joy...
God is so very good..and I just love marveling in that!


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