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Hands and house

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GIVEAWAY----Poppy Dip Dress!!!!

   I get to be a sponsor for Blogmania a big blog giveaway link up! If you have not checked it out you definitely want to do so....there could be free fun stuff in your future!

Click here to check it out. There are over $10,000 worth of prizes now!

  If you are new here, Welcome!!!!!! I am a stay at home Mama with three super fun kids (2 from China and one bio surprise) and this is where I keep my sanity by celebrating the goofy things my kids do, helping out adoptive families, advocating for orphans and exploring the things God is doing in my heart.

Over here we are giving away a Poppy Dip Dress....your choice of style, size and fabric!

There are short sleeved Poppy Dips

Long sleeve Poppy Dips

and Poppy Dip Twirls

If you don't know about It's Poppy Dip, it was started by a Mama who is waiting to go and get her third child that she and her family are adopting from Ethiopia!
They just got their referral for little Samson and from the pictures even his little elbows are darling!

You can read more about their adoption journey

So how do you win one of these amazing dresses?????
There are a couple of ways

* Go to It's Poppy Dip and take a look at the dresses and fabrics, come back and leave a comment here telling me which fabric and style you would choose (1 entry)

* Become a follower here (1 entry)

* Subscribe to this blog via email (1 entry)

* Grab my button  and let me know or write about this giveaway (1 entry)

* Go and visit this really cool new site for adoptive parents called We Are Grafted In (especially check out the cool forum part) and then come back and let me know what you think (1 entry)

* Check out the An Adoption Place page of my blog. It is where tons of adoptive families list their fundraisers. What better way to use our money than to shop for really cute things and help orphans at teh same time!

This giveaway is quick (part of blogmania) it ends Sept 16th at midnight!!!!

Happy clicking!!!!!


Julie said...

Darling dresses..I like this in the long sleeve style:cosmo cricket check a dot
thanks for the giveaway

Julie said...

follow your blog

Julie said...

email subscriber

Cedar said...

Hello! This is the first time I've tried one of these contests, so I apologize if I do this wrong. I love many of the fabrics, but the two Henry--purple and black; black; are probably my favorite. I like the short sleeve style best, I think. My daughter never keeps skirts on.

I followed you here from We are Grafted In, so I guess I'll only enter once!


3childrenbyfaith said...

I would have to pick a long sleeve poppy dip with the "on a whim flowers" fabric.

3childrenbyfaith said...

I grabbed your button! It is on my blog at http://thejustliveblog.blogspot.com/


7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

I would LOVE to be entered to win the Short Sleeves Poppy Dress in the fabric Smiles Around the World..I have so loved that pattern since the very first time I saw SWEET Georgia wearing it.
Thanks for the chance to win and you are such an inspiration...maybe someday I will get to post just how much reading your blog has inspired me..thanks:)

Gretchen said...

Hey friend!

I love these giveaways! What a great idea!!!

I love the vintage tree farm fabric and, being from Florida, I would order ir in a short sleeve dress.

Love all the work you do to support families!! And, of course, I follow your blog!

Mom2three said...

These are sooo cute! I love the cupcakes pink material, which would be great for this next summer!
daljhardwick [at]juno[dot]com

Amy said...

I have been tempted so many times to by a Poppy Dip Dress they are darling, if I got to choose one today it would be a long sleeve henry purple n pink.

I have been reading we are grafted for a couple days now and I LOVE it. I like all the different perspectives.

Thanks for doing a giveaway

ronvic7 said...

Pick me, pick me!
I am now a follower, I love WAGI, and my dress choice would be On a Whim flowers in long sleeved since it's getting chilly in PA already.
This is FUN! Thanks for doing this:)

Stephanie said...

I love sway flower brown fabric for a long sleeve dress. Too cute! I'm a follower here already. AND I've been a member of WAGI since the beginning -- LOVE it! Thanks for doing the giveaway to draw attention to all these great things!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the cosmo cricket early bird wildflowers in long sleeves the best. {I think! They are all cute!}

Anonymous said...

I just read wearegrafted. I think people who adopt are amazing selfless people. To know there are true angels on earth who purposely want to adopt a special needs child just brings tears to my eyes. God will bless them sooo greatly in the love for that child. Thanks so much for letting us know of this site!

The Raudenbush Family said...


It's a toss up between the owl print and the smiling faces around the world...I think the faces one in short sleeve would win. So adorable!

The Raudenbush Family said...

And, now I'm a follower!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Okay--and one more from me...I love "An Adoption Place" and the opportunity for fundraising families to get publicity. We need to do that more! My sister and I declared today that Christmas gifting is going to be mainly from those fundraising families!

And, WAGI--so glad it is blessing people. And, the forum has been meeting a real need for me to be able to discuss things and include my faith. I don't want to live with my faith separated from other parts of my life. I want my faith to be intimately connected with every part of my everyday. So, discussing adoption issues without censors on faith discussion and knowing that the others there feel the same way is such a blessing to me personally.

Christina said...

Hi! We've followed your blog since we found out about it through LWB. It has been a bookmarked favorite that we visit frequently. We have now officially signed up for emails and are a follower. =0)
Saw the Poppy Dip giveaway and love the short-sleeve dress that adorable Georgia is modeling in the "smiles around the world" fabric. Super cute! The cupcakes pink fabric is also neat.

Re: We Are Grafted In... wonderful stories that warm the heart. It is very much in line with LWB's book, "Love's Journey 2: The Red Thread" about adoption experiences. The Forum is such a great way to connect with others.

Re: An Adoption Place
How can one not fall in love wotj all of the unique and beautiful treasures that can be found here? Add to this the fact that these lovely items support adoptions and help to spread the word! Very cool!!

Posted a link on my Facebook page to spread the word about your blog. Hope you will have more followers/supporters.. and poppy dip fans. =0)

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

I added We are Grafted In to my blog list...I went over and saw the beauty there...that I had to add it to my list...
Another chance to win..woohoo:)

Mom2three said...

I love the different stories of families at We Are Grafted In and how they were led to adoption and was especially touched by Kathy Beams story of "A Special Need Adoption" - their daughter. What a wonderful place for encouragement and resources for Christian parents and families!

Mom2three said...

I've been an email subscriber for a while. I'm so glad that you have shared these special blogs with us.

Soggy Cereal Mom said...

I love the Poppy Dip short Sleeve in Hooty Owl (LOVE that fabric!). Super cute!
mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

Soggy Cereal Mom said...

I loved reading the stories on We are Grafted in! So sweet!
mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

Katy said...

I'd love to have a short sleeve in the sway flower brown fabric with a contrast!

Sara said...

The dresses are adorable! No girls in our home so I'm not entering the contest, just happy to stop by!

Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to slip off my shoes and dip my toes.


natali said...

the henry purple n pink short sleeved dress with the ruffles and sleeves to match is soooo adorable!!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Following ! Love your site!

Mom2three said...

I have been a follower on Google Reader for a few months.


~Dawn~ said...

I LOVE the fabric with the owls on it (they totally match the background of my blog). I would like this pattern on a long sleeved Poppy Dip!! :))


~Dawn~ said...

I'm a follower of your blog!

Nancy said...

Ok I'm game!
---Went to We Are Grafted In and LOVE it! Actually I found you through there. Such an inspirations site with SUCH support for Christain women walking the adoption path
---Became a follower of your blog. I LOVE to follow an adoption journey!
---I LOVE the tunic/pants for my little one! The "sprinkle all the way" fabric would be SO fun for the holidays!
---Then I went over to "An Adoption Place" and LOVED the appliquéd t-shirts, but those personalized signs that are so so neat! I'm going to visit this part often! I loved it so much that I...
---... put the button on my blog. I don't do that very often.

OK- I just read that I missed the dead line of the contest. BOOO HOO! But great stuff never-the-less!


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