Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, October 8, 2010

Georgia Update...

 Hi from Seattle!
We are here with daddy and having a ball. We stayed up until almost 10 last night playing in the pool and enjoying being all together again. Georgia has started a new game where she says, "Daddy loves Georgia...Georgia loves Daddy...Mama loves Georgia...Georgia loves Mama..." and she goes through the whole family including grandparents! I wish you could hear her when she says it, that "Georgia loves" part is so sweet and filled with emotion. I just cannot help but smile when she does it, even when it was over and over for 45 minutes in the car!
   Today Doug had to work so the kids and I hung out. We did the hotel waffle maker etc and all I can say is it is CRAZY to go into a room full of sugar cereal, waffle mix and little jam packets with one parent and thre very young children. The room was full and I kept seeing grown ups hiding their giggles at my kids as Parker did his super hero moves while waiting for a waffle, Ravenna opened and licked jam packets and Georgia spun in circles by her chair! I would get one kids sitting down and go to get some food and by the time I got back it was all crazy again! Georgia even went and introduced herself to a mom and daughter and sat right down in one of their chairs telling them, "I Georgia...I have Mama, Daddy, Nena & Parker!" Meanwhile Parker was again doing his superhero moves because today he was 'Banana Peel Man' and had lasers that shot applesauce at the bad guys.

Then....then. Only God could do this. I decided to take the kids to the mall. I am not a mall person at all, the kids have not been in one since we moved to southern Washington 3 years ago. There is a fun restaurant there though and our hotel was close and honestly, Georgia had tried to microwave just about everything in the hotel room (why do they put those down so low???) so we needed to do something and you can only stay in the pool for so long. The kids were hilarious at the mall, Ravenna kept saying, "Wow...a whole store for pink stuff! Mama...they really want people to spend money don't they?" Then as we were walking along I heard someone say , "Shannon!" I looked up to see my beautiful friend Jen. We worked together for years a Union Gospel Mission and I just love her. Her daughter has just finished over 2 years of chemo therapy for Leukemia. The last time I saw her was when we 'happened' to be in the Children's Hospital cafeteria at the same time when Georgia was getting her heart stable to have open heart surgery! Our girls had breakfast together then and it was such a gift at the time. She had not been to this mall in years and yet here we 'happened' once again to be at the same place at the same time!!!
Talk about a highlight and such a gift to talk with a friend who understand what it means to trust your fragile child to God's plan. It just maked me smile that God did that for both of us today!

We did get a little bit of news about the recordings we have been doing on her heart. I talked with a nurse at the cardiology dept and she said that they are seeing times when her heart is beating extra fast but then said, "I'm sure it was because she was just running around." I told her they all had been when she was resting and she said, "Ooohh...well you just keep recording ok? I'm sure the cardiologist will talk to you soon." I asked what it meant that this was happening and she said it might be sinus tachycardia. I am not sure exactly what that means but am trying to read up and figure it out.
She has started to come and tell us when her heart feels 'funny' with those big brown eyes so very serious, tonight she even laid down when she told me, so that makes me think that she is making a connection between what she is feeling in her body and that we need to monitor it. I wonder how long she has been noticing these feelings but has not had words or knowledge to let us know and care for her.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers...please keep praying. I don't know if I should feel glad that they are finding things or more worried.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

My prayers continue for yall! I had to tell you that your words tonight spoke volume's to me and I needed to remember some things! I quoted your words in my facebook status and I wanted to share it with you to show you that even in your own journey for Faith for your Child God is using you to speak into mine!

Here is my latest status message:
Saw these words on a blog today of another mother and they speak volumes of where I am at...what it means to trust your fragile child to God's plan!!! THANK YOU GOD I can trust YOU with my frogie boy! Some days are harder than others and I think more about prognosis and what ifs. Today was one such day...the words a...bove REMINDED ME WHOSE REPORT I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for helping me REMEMBER on such a hard day :)

God bless,
Tamijoy sisemore (FB name)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Still praying for you. So glad to see an update.
from www.wearegraftedin.com

Rachel said...


I did not realize you were in SEATTLE.

I am not far away at all and am feeling awesome praying for Georgie so closeby!

And if you weren't enjoying your family time with Daddy so much, I'd beg to steal you away to meet!

Cedar said...

Glad you had a good day at the mall. We are still praying for Georgia.

Gretchen said...

I am so glad that you "found" your friend at the mall! What a blessing to be able to sit and chat for a bit with a Momma who gets it. So glad that God blessed your day.

Praying for you.

Tara Anderson said...

I've been that woman in the hotel as well...it's overwhelming! When I'm alone with the kids, I would MUCH rather do a sit-down meal with someone waiting on us than attempting to do anything "buffet style"!

Once again, God has amazed me with your "coincidental" meeting with your friend. Only HE can orchestrate something so perfect...and exactly when you need it! He is good, my friend!!!

I continue to pray for your precious Georgia. I do think she is able to associate her "funny feeling" and the need to be monitored...which is a good thing! This way she can be a help to you and you can make sure you get those recordings done ASAP.

Sharon Ankerich said...

So praying!!!!!

Ben and Rach said...

So cool that you met your friend at the mall!! Sounds like all in all you are having a good time in Seattle! Love you!

Robyn said...

Hi Shannon, I am Robyn and I had initially responded to a post on the China Heart Group. I found your blog and am so thankful to be able to keep up with Georgia and know how to pray for her. I remember how important those prayers and words of encouragement were to me when our son, John Asher, was in the hospital for so long. I am thinkin of and praying for all of you often.
Love for Georgia from someone in Georgia! :-)
Robyn Beall


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