Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, October 25, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- Georgia on My mind...

*** Please keep praying! The monitoring company has not been sendign Georgia's recordings to the Cardiologist so we are stuck in a holding pattern until they do. Georgia had 6 episodes today so far. We just want to figure out what is going on so we can help our girl.***

   This is a quick one because the kids and I have a crummy cold and are cuddling up today :) I woke up struggling a bit this morning as we still have not heard anything back from the Cardiologist (again). To read the latest on Georgia's heart read here. I know the answers will come, just weary of waiting for them.
   We stopped by the Post Office on the way into town to run errands and a little box was there for me. It was from Kelly at Girly Girl Bowtique. I had ordered some bows for the girls and they were in! There is nothing better to pick up my mood than something sweet and frilly and girly! Better than that though....
    Get this!

   Kelly wrote me a note inside the box. While she was making the bows, she was praying for Georgia. Guess what song came on the radio right then?

"Georgia On My Mind"!!!!!!!!!!

This is the 9th time that the Lord has done something like this while someone has been praying for Georgia since all of this heart stuff has been going on! 

Doug sang this song over and over again while playing the piano when we were waiting for Georgia to come home. Reading her note brought back a flood of memories of all of the prayers that God has answered for our little one with her precious heart.. Here again He was reminding me that He surely has Georgia (and the rest of us) on His amazing, compassionate, wonderful mind!

In my Memorial Box????

The note from sweet Kelly!

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Girly Girl Mommy said...

Isn't it awesome how God can use each of us to send little reminders of His goodness and faithfulness! I was so giddy when that song came on. I exclaimed to my husband "You'll never guess who I'm praying for and making these bows for right now!!" I'm in the midst of a storm at the moment, and knowing that my little note reminded you of all of His goodness and mercies, well, this post reminded me that right now He has me in His grip and I'm on His mind!

(btw, no 'the' on my website... just www.girlygirlbowtique.com & I love the picture!!)


Renee said...

It truly is amazing how often God is sending reminders of His love an protection for sweet Georgia...Thanks for sharing this today. You all continue on in my prayers..

Susan A said...

I am smiling as I read your Memorial Box, Shannon... our Lord is so good :) He is encouraging you to trust in Him.

I have just prayed and asked Him to send His angels to organize the reports so that it is worked on and not delayed.


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