Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He Again Has Moved Mountains!!!!!

    I am back from a doctor's appointment for Parker and Ravenna and am stunned by what the Lord has done. Just last Friday we were told that it would probably take until February to get in for a Neurology appointment for Georgia to figure out if she is having seizures. We have been planning for the last year to spend the 10 days before Christmas serving as a family at an orphanage in Baja Mexico. When we found out that we might not have answers to what is going on with Georgia or even an appointment, we started wondering if we were going to have to cancel our trip.
    This is a trip that feels so much like it has been birthed by God. Last December we spent what was going to be 4 weeks on a road trip camping in Baja as a family. We called it our Whatever Project" Meaning that we got up each day and said, "Lord whatever you want us to do, we'll do it." God took us up on it in massive ways (more for another post later)! When we were there we were only able to check email a handful of times. One of the times a friend had emailed and said that his parents used to serve at an orphanage in Baja..but he did not tell us where it was. Then, on Christmas Eve we checked email again and this friend, without knowing about our "Whatever" plans had emailed back. He had checked with his parents and gave us directions. I read the email and tucked it away in my mind but then forgot about it because we were busy decorating the palm trees by our tent and getting ready to celebrate at a beach bonfire with a pinata. Christmas morning came and as the day went on, I found myself yearning to pack up and get going even though we had another whole week left before needing to head North. I could not for the life of me figure out why. We were camping at one of the most beautiful places I had ever been, the kids were having a ball and we kept talking about how good it all was...but I kept itching to pack. As we sat under the stars that night, Doug turned to me and said, "It is really strange, I feel like we are supposed to head out."
      So...we began to pray and the urge grew stronger. That night, under a blanket of stars we packed eagerly packed all that we could and headed out early the next morning wondering what God had in store next. As we pulled out of the campground, I remembered the email and casually mentioned it to Doug. The orphanage was in a town called Vicente Guererro and I had absolutely no idea where that was. Doug pulled in to the tiny coffee shop that had a computer and  looked up the directions just in case it was anywhere near where we might be.
   To make an amazing but long story shorter. Vicente Guererro was EXACTLY on our route home. It was so tiny that we did not even recognize that it was a town when we drove through before! We went to the orphanage on our way home and we absolutely blown away by what God was doing there. At the end of our time one of the staff members asked us if we would pray about coming back to spend some time next year...and he asked us specifically if we coud come for a week...that was the exact amount of vacation that we would be saving by coming back early!
      We have spent this last year talking and praying about the time we would be spending at the orphanage. One week has morphed into 10 days and we are thrilled! But...with all of the storms that have been brewing in our lives, I have been wondering if the trip would happen. Especially when we found out that Georgia might not be seen by the Neurologist until February. Just yesterday, when praying about Mexico I told God that He would have to move some major mountains to get Georgia seen so that we could still go...so guess what? You ready?
    Today while I was at Parker's appointment (where they determined he did not have pneumonia but a really big asthma attack) an assistant peeked her head in the door and said, "Hey, I was going to call you...could you do an EEG for Georgia on Friday?" Are you kidding me????? Of COURSE we could! They are fitting her in to an emergency spot and doing the reverse of 'normal' meaning that she will have her EEG first and then if it is abnormal see a Neurologist asap...if it is normal we are safe to wait until later. Can you believe it????? I think that I am still stunned!

          And, for icing on the cake....I just checked the website for the orphanage and they have create a beautiful video about the program. If you want to be encouraged about how God can make something glorious out of next to nothing, you just have to check it out!
    It is SO worth your time to click here and see it!

Now I'm off to learn how to entertain a toddler at a 9 minute EEG :)


Ashley said...

Tears!! That is amazing!!! I am off to go watch the video. :)

Cedar said...

What a beautiful story and I am so happy Georgia's ECG can happen sooner. I pray it takes you closer to answers.

Renee said...

This is wonderful news and such a powerful example of the awesome God we have in our lives....I recently read the book written by the founders of this orphanage after you mentioned them a few months ago....how exciting you will get to head down there....
Keeping you in prayer.

Piano Safari said...

I went to FFHM way back in college with a group, and it was one of the turning points/highlights of my life. I was the only one from our group that got to work in the cuna (nursery). I got to feed an adorable 6 month old named Raquel her bottle while my team mates were getting attacked by spiders while painting a building! That was one of the foundational trips/experiences that gave me a love for orphans and babies and set me on the still-unfulfilled-but-hopefully-not-too-far-in-the-future dream of fostering and adopting. I was shocked when I saw your Christmas pictures of the mission, because I had not thought about being there in a long time. I hope you can go back this December!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love foundations for his ministries! I went and served there on a 10 day missions trip my senior year of highschool and loved it. I have sooo many memories from there and would love to go back sometime. It is such an amazing facility... I am soo glad that you are going back down there! If arianna is still there she is around 18 now give her a big hug. you will know where when you see her.

Bethany Hall WBFMC

Teacher Girl said...

Fantastic in many , many ways!


Tara Anderson said...

Oh Shannon, God is just blowing me away by what He is doing for you!!!

TanyaLea said...

I LOVE IT when GOD does that!!!! :) HE is SO faithful, isn't He!?! <>< PTL for this 'emergency' apptmt and for some very clear answers. May He cover you in His peace as you go in.

Loved this story and how God clearly directed EVERY.SINGLE.STEP.of your path. You and your hubby are a great example to all of us!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

TanyaLea said...

P.S.>>> you're SO right... the FFHM link/video was VERY worth the time to watch. So excited for how He is going to work in and through your family during this trip. Can't wait to hear every detail!!

God bless!!! <><

Everday Edwards said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link. What a blessing. May God continue to move mountains in you life! Praying for you little ones.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!! Cant think of much else to say other that GO GOD!!!

Susan A said...

That is so wonderful, I have a big smile on my face :) :) HalleluYah! :)

Susan A said...

hi Shannon, it's me again... you'll never guess what! :)

remember my post about your Georgia's road signs? I asked for prayer about what to do next as something didn't seem right about me being with this person after all... well, today there was a breakthrough, and then after this I came across your post and found out about your Georgia having her EEG this Friday!! that is wonderful!! :)

I clicked on the link about FFHM, and watched the video and loved this quote,

God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supply

how so true! :) I was enjoying the video (though I can't hear it) and was reading through the website and came across this link


I was reading and wondering, being open to our Lord's leading when I came to the end of this story and my mouth was gaped open (well, not literally, but spiritually I guess haha)... the name of the lady's husband is the same name as the one that our Lord seems to be leading me to (confirming by way of your Georgia's signs).

Amazing. He's also shown me and my mother some amazing signs too, related to this person, it was too many times, and nearly always related to bible verses and christian people/blogs. :)

Still waiting on Him for further guidance :)

Adrian Roberta said...

I am thrilled and encouraged not only to hear about how God directed your whole family to this Orphanage, but for Favor with Georgia! God just blows through those obsticles! Amazning,

Thanks for sharing



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