Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Might send this in to funniest home videos.....

Poor Parker is so tough but just doesn't have a chance against Ravenna's foot! Glad the Chinese silk robes are getting such good use!


Jill Funkhouser said...

ok, that totally looks like our house. Send it in! Praying for you over here at the funks!

stephanie said...

oh i knew what what was coming! I really tried not to laugh! sweet Parker!

Ashley said...

Is it wrong that I giggled? With three at my house we see lots of accidental kicks to the face. :)

Send it in. If nothing else, maybe it will make the "how many face kicks before the dog finishes the Thanksgiving turkey." :)

MissEmy said...


Gretchen said...

Poor Parker.....looks like our house! Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend!


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