Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paper Planes Everywhere!!!!

We are up to our ears in paper airplanes around here! Thank you to everyone who has visited Ravenna's website and left a comment! She has me read all of the comments to her everyday and when one of them says, "You are one amazing little girl" she says, "You bet I am!"

I just love her missing tooth holes!

Thanks for encouraging what God is doing in her heart. Our church opened up the Sunday School supply closet which is the 'holy of holies' for Ravenna, and let her pick out anything she needed to help make her planes. She has now made 45 and is working with her siblings on covering them with stickers galore.

She just wrote (well, dictated) a new post....would you go and check it out and leave her a comment?


Thanks so much from this proud Mama!

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