Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, December 3, 2010

How Christmas Could Change the World...

      So I keep mulling this over in my head. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ, God giving His only son to us so that we could have forgiveness for our sins. It is the ultimate gift and the most selfless thing that has ever happened to this world. This movement has rocked our worlds down here in southern Washington! Our church started doing it a few years ago. I think it is about the coolest thing ever. Could you imagine what would happen if churches across the US did this? God sent His son to answer the need in our hearts....why not make part of Christmas about answering the needs in this world...

You can learn more about Advent Conspiracy Here! Already done your shopping? Consider donating some of them to foster kids or a shelter...last Christmas as we stood in the back of a pickup truck handing out gifts to migrant workers in Mexico who literally lived in homes made of mud and cactus we wound up giving away all but one of our gifts for our kids. That was one of the most peace and joy filled decisions I have ever experienced.
Be blessed today!
*****Miss Ravenna has made enough to feed a child at the orphanage for an entire year!!!!!!!! Click here to see how she is doing!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! i have been searching for a way to say what was on my heart but I just wasn't blessed with the gift of words. I have tried for several years to get my extended family to do this and it is so offensive to them... they want to keep tradition.Every year I feel so convicted about the true meaning of Christmas getting lost. What would Jesus think of the way we celebrate.. I'm thinking He would not be proud. Thanks again



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