Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in pictures!!!!

We had a super fun whirlwind of an Easter full of family & friends, it was such a joy! First we spent 2 days with my family at the washington coast....

You think she loves her cousin????

happy to watch his cousin play Lego Star Wars

Yeah, she's a little attached to him!

The super welcome trio in full action!

 Camille making sure Georgia is safe :)

scoping out treasures on the way to the beach

Practicing her 'cursive' in the sand

crab legs!

Georgia exploring...

barefoot wanderings...

digging for razor clams!

sweet moves with his shadow


my little love

got one!

how'd he do that???

More clams!

our artist in the sun...

cousins watching the sunset

Hanging out with Grandpa!

Easter egg hunt with Grandma!!!!

and they are ready!

you didn't think blankie would miss out did you???

post hunt cuddles...

and a fun time was had by all...


Ginny said...

Great pics Shannon.

Miller Moments said...

fun pictures! the kids are all getting so big.

Valerie and Jeff said...

What a fun Easter it looks like you had! I LOVE the beach photos ... especially the b/w of Georgia. I'd love to try to watercolor that, the composition, the reflection and of course her is just so perfect.
And then to see Ravenna watercolor painting, ha! She is SUCH an artist!

And of course to see Miss Georgia in her "My China" skirt brought tears to my eyes. In fact I mentioned to Jeff on the drive back from our Easter that I knew 5 little girls were sporting Ruffled Feathers skirts/dresses for Easter ... I guess I can make that 6!
What Joy!
Yes, great photos Shannon!


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