Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, May 23, 2011


     I am sitting here at the dining room table of our new house with a big glass of this:

We spent the last hour madly unpacking boxes and finally found our cooking pot, a pencil for Ravenna to do her homework with and my shampoo!!!!

Now, I need to repack my empty suitcase from my friend's wedding (which was so amazingly wonderful...more later). Georgia is admitted Wednesday afternoon for her 48 hour telemetry (EEG) to watch her brainwaves. The Cardiologist is also going to monitor her heart during this time. I am hoping that we will find some answers from all of this. It will be challenging...she has to stay in bed or in the chair next to the bed and will have her head and part of her body covered in electrodes and wires superglued to her body! I told her about it today while we were driving in the car, saying that she gets to have 'special time with Mama' at teh hospital for 2 days and can watch all the Diego videos she wants. When we got home she cried because she didn't want to get out of the car but wanted to go to the hospital with Mama! So I am trying to look at this as some good bonding time with my littlest girlie and so deeply aware of the fact that I will be in the hospital with my healthy child when so many other children are so very sick.
I will have my computer and am hoping to have time to write and catch up about some of the things that God has been pressing on my hear and mind lately...here's to our looney time!


Renee said...

Will pray for little Georgia...

Miller Moments said...

You are at the top of my prayer list! Hoping that tomorrow is full of cuddles and fun bonding moments. AND that the doctors gain some good insight as to what is going on with our little Georgia!


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