Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey Mom..Come Look!!!

These are the words that nowadays make me instinctively grab the camera...

Sometimes it is sweet like Ravenna making a bed on the couch for her brother when he was feeling yucky...

or most of the time just plain kooky whst these three come up with...
Yep, a pancake beard!

and ears...

and of course the blueberry pancake phone is all the rage nowadays!

Look closely at her arms...there are the start of tiger stripes...
a few quiet minutes later?

a striped tiger and a spotted jaguar!

that later turned into a spotted princess...who still has spots everywhere...yes everywhere

and then there was the "makeover shop"

even I got a new look!

just sweetness

and the grand finale?????

"Hey Mom, come look! We're the 'Boxer children'!!!!!"

I love these goofyballs like crazy!


Renee said...

They are adorable....Keeping all in prayer, Shannon and mom and dad too...got to be tough, stressful,and so challenging. Praying Jesus will cover you with His healing wings and bring answers to the questions and solutions to the problems.

Chrissie said...

Precious! What special memories they are making.

Joy Graham said...

Oh thank goodness!!!Now I know that my kids are normal too! Love the pics, you made me laugh today!-Joy


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