Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Answers and a Whole Lot of Questions...

Well....I'm not exactly sure what to write here. We heard from the cardiac nurse that they pulled up Georgia's monitor readings and every single one of them showed normal heart rhythms. This is SUCH great news and we want to be so happy but Doug and I are both a bit overwhelmed. See we still have a 3 year old that is complaining of chest pain, heart palpitations and weakness....and we are not sure what to make of it.
   We have sent a list of questions to the Cardiologist and are waiting for his answers. She has all the symptoms of pulmonary valve failure but I am not sure if that would have showed up on the heart monitor. We know that her valve is slowly failing.
    She also was very old when her heart was repaired and there could be collateral damage somewhere....but really I am not a Cardiologist so I am just guessing.
   Also, it could be that the feeling of her heart racung while she is active feels similar to the beginning of a tet spell (the life threatening spells where she would turn purple before surgery). She cannot have tet spells now but it is possible that the feeling is really scaring her.
   This week she and I were cuddled up in bed, just her bright brown eyes peeking out of the covers and she said,
Georgia: "Mama, big room lots of babies?"
Me: "You want to tell me something about when you were in the orphanage in China?"
Georgia: "Mama, big room lots of babies...I need Mama. I cry and cry and I need you. You not there. I miss my Mama."

...and it breaks my heart. I try not to think of it too often, my little girl so alone and so very sick, so very scared needing her Mama and having to be brave. I wihs with all my heart that I could have been there, could have held her, could have gotten her the help she needed.
   So I will be there now, hold her now, keep trying to find answers now and remind her that she is loved and safe and precious beyond measure.


Susan A said...

oh Shannon, I will continue to pray for grace from our Lord to provide answers on what exactly it is that is still causing trouble in Georgia's heart. Praying for His peace and strength and healing.

Renee said...

Praying for your sweet treasure and for answers to the continuing symptoms.

Carla said...

Praying for peace for your mommy's heart and for more answers to ease your mind. What a sweet little princess she is.

Valerie and Jeff said...

The thought of her knowing and remembering that she was alone in a big room of other babies is so real and SO painful to consider! Especially with her being sick. Oh that just hurts my heart!

Praying for more answers and that her pulmonary artery stays strong!! Thanks for keeping us posted Shannon! And I'm thinking you could maybe get your degree in heart surgery soon with all the knowledge you are learning! ;-)

Aimee said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and kept reading because of your lovely writing and your beautiful stories. Your Georgia is in my prayers. What a precious, beautiful little girl and how sad that our littles have to carry scars from years of waiting for mama. You are both blessed now to have each other. Praying for healing, answers and peace.


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