Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Because it is so good just to laugh...

  We had 2 good friends (age 3 and 6) over for a sleepover last night. Parker and his buddy slept up in his bunkbed together. In the morning Doug asked the little boy how he slept. He looked kinda bummed and said,
  " Oh not so good...I was hoping to get lucky last night... but I didn't."

After a pause and a smirk Doug asked what "getting lucky meant"....
   Thankfully, his response was "I was hoping to stay up all night playing legos but I fell asleep."

Oh how I love having kids in my life!!!!!


Ben and Rach said...

So so funny!

amancay said...

it's always wise to step back and ask/wonder what they are actually asking or saying... hahaha... love KIDS!

Susan A said...

:) loved seeing you being blessed with kids in your life :)

My mother will be having a masectomy this afternoon (Aussie time) in about 5 hrs to 7 hrs and onwards... thought I would let you know as prayers will be so much appreciated, they will test her lymph nodes to see if the cancer hasn't spread, please pray that it hasn't (this is a mountain we are praying that is removed and cast into the sea).

Thank you and have a blessed day :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! Too bad you didn't get it on tape that is priceless. Kids are too fun. (Good thing Doug wasn't drinking a glass of something--it surely would have been spit out everywhere in laughter!)
Thanks for sharing the giggle!

Tara Anderson said...

Something tells me we would have a GREAT time if we ever got to hang out in real life!!! :D

Anonymous said...

OK, that made me LOL which I really needed today.

And T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U for putting our button on your blog!!! Blessed my heart!!! Love you friend!


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