Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where we are at...

   So...Miss Georgia is sleeping peacefully in her bed all tucked in with a million horsie and blankies by her big sister who also read her a goodnight story. She still may have a blood clot forming under her right knee. Basically what happened is that she has started complaining of pain in her knee. It is the knee on the side of the incision and also the of the leg that had to be restrained for so many hours. So, it could have been damaged a little in the restraining process (she was trying to flip over again and again), or a clot might be forming. She keeps saying that the pain is getting "more owie" but so far her leg is not hotter or colder than her other leg and it is not swelling a ton. So the Cardiologist felt comfortable having us monitor her from here and we will re-asses in the morning. I'm praying hard that she wakes up pain free in that knee! She kept telling me today "I walk slowly today Mama because of my owies. I no spin or jump" Which I was thankful for.
    We are all beyond exhausted and feel like we have brains filled with molasses but thankful that we are still home in our own beds with our beautiful treasures of kids.
     Thanks again for your prayers...


Susan A said...

I will pray for Georgia's knee and for her heart to be strengthened. And may He fill you with His peace and love.

The Hamre Clan said...

Dearest Ones, From Matt, Bridget, Bill, Sherry, Oliver, Jack, Lisa, Demian and Jan here in Kauai we are thinking of you all and praying for Georgia's full recovery. You are an incredible family who inspire us all with your love, strength and faith!!


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