Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well...we wouldn't want life to be boring!

So... It has been quite a day! First and most importantly, Ravenna's blood co-operated perfectly. Perfectly! Which is HUGE. The meds worked!
The tough part has been that our sweet girl had a massive negative reaction to the meds and had us dodging kicks and punches for over 5 hours. Poor baby was terrified, disoriented and flailing. Even the nursing staff was at a loss to know what to do. Technically they called it medically induced delirium...all I know is that we are exhausted. She is now slowly getting back to our normal sweet Ravenna. No smiles yet but hopefully tomorrow!

Would you mind continuing to pray for:

Peace for the night, that Ravenna will sleep deeply and not fixate on her pain or he I've

That her bleeding would continue to do great. She has pulled out all of the packing that that put in as a precaution so the only thing keeping her clotting right now is that special medicine. She has to take it again soon and it was far from easy earlier (thanks again Joyce!)

Thank you all so much!


Mom2three said...

Was thinking and praying for y'all today and wanted to check back in before I headed to bed. What an awesome answer to prayers. It is a difficult thing to send a child into surgery, especially for the heart. We did that 13 yrs ago with our youngest son. Will pray for peaceful rest and peace and healing

Susan A said...

I am so sorry, poor Ravenna! but so glad to hear that her blood is working well, praise Yah, that is wonderful news! May she be healed from all that trauma, and you too, Shannon, peace from Him, that you may be able to move on and not let it scar on you. Hugs.

Tara Anderson said...

Continuing to pray...


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