Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Georgia Update...

Well, we finally spoke to the Cardiologist today...
Now I understand why it took awhile and why he wanted to call himself.

We don't have super straight answers yet.

The way I understand it...

The good news:
Her Holter was clear, no rhythm issues!

So....that means it is either something else going on in her body (thyroid, anemia etc) or her pulmonary valve has declined more.

* The Cardiologist wants to see her next week to do another echo and draw labs.

* He is guessing it is her valve.

* If so he would like to re-cath to try to open the valve again. This would buy us time.

* We need to buy time to help the valve to get bigger so they could place a larger valve (otherwise she could outgrow it in a few years and need open heart surgery to take out the old and replace it).

* If he feels like she needs it now they would try to do it via cath in stages...re-cath a third time and put in a stent to stretch the valve, then go back a few weeks later to place the new valve.

* Worst case open heart surgery for a new valve.

* Best case, we help her 'limp along' until that valve can get a bit bigger.

Strangely, it just feels peaceful to know we have steps forward. It is hard to watch her get so tired and to miss out on 'normal' kid stuff because she has to rest and to see those dark circles under her eyes.

So, Tuesday will be exciting! We are doubling up, well quadrupling up appointments for the girls (post op for Ravenna, blood draws for both, Cardiology, Hematology) but getting it all done and hopefully wrapping it up with some good girly time of some sort!!!

Right now we keep realizing that it is ONLY God that is giving us the strength and that it IS there for the next step...not for worrying about the what ifs but to surrender them instead. So we just keep on stepping!

The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him
Psalm 37:23


Ben and Rach said...

That's great to hear! I will pray for best case scenario!

Tara Anderson said...

There's so much peace in just knowing. I'll be praying that surgery can wait!!!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Georgia's sweet heart ... praying that she grows quickly to the needed size if it is a valve problem and that you can hop along until then if necessary! But I'm praying for healing even beyond what the doctors could imagine. And way to go on the quadruple header on Tuesday--hope the girly time afterwards is FUN and makes up for any blood-draw fears!

Jenny said...

We are praying praying praying!!!! Love you guys.

Laine said...

I am praying for Georgia! I stop by and check in on her often...I know how you feel when she gets tired and can't keep up. Our Kevin does the same thing and it literally hurts my heart. What an opportunity us heart mamas have to trust in Him more and more, amen?
Hugs and prayers....


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