Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Georgia's Happy Heart Day (Please Pray)

Tomorrow is the big day!

Miss Georgia will be having her 3rd heart surgery,

this one is via catheter to hopefully break up and clean up scar tissue covering her pulmonary valve.

She is so excited


When I told her about it she started pumping her arms and shouting "Yeah! Yeah!' I get to feel better soon!

She also said she does not want it to be called a surgery but her "Happy Heart Day!"

She even wants the doctors to call it that.

We know she needs this,

and will feel so much better afterwards,

but it is never even close to easy to hand a child over for a heart procedure.

There is a lot on the line with this one.

They are being more agressive,

which makes it more risky.

So would you mind praying?

For absolute perfection and precision for the surgeon and the tools,

that her heart will remain stable (last time we almost lost her)

for peace for us all too.

We know that God is WAY bigger and WAY stronger and anything is possible through Him!
I will update when I can tomorrow.


Renee said...

I will be praying Shannon...and the Knee Team too.

Susan A said...

will pray :)

Jo's Corner said...

I will definitely be praying for that, oh so Precious Daughter of yours! The photos in this post are especially beautiful. She shines the Light of Jesus!
Love to you all ~ Jo

Rachel said...

Will be praying!!

Tara Anderson said...

Absolutely will be praying for baby girl and her medical team!!!

Carla said...

Praying that it truly is a very happy heart day!

Mary Beth said...

Praying for your sweet girl, the doctors, and you.

Melanie Ski said...

What a precious little one, so excited about having her heart fixed. Praying for the great surgeon God to direct the doctors and nurses and staff as they perform the surgery, and may you picture the almighty God holding her in His hands while they do it!
She is just adorable!
A Year of Jubilee

KHM said...

You bet I'll be praying for her, and for you. It really is hard to be peaceful about something as big as this. Praying you will FEEL God's hands carrying you all.

Kim (mom to another heart kiddo)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Georgia is the sweetest! And she does just radiate LOVE doesn't she?! She obviously has a very beautiful and full heart.
PRAYING for a very HAPPY HEART DAY for her today!! Also I will be praying for peace over your hearts as you wait. Big Hugs!-Valerie

amyhawk said...

The Hawks are praying for complete healing, total recovery and peace over your beautiful family. Go, Jesus! Love, Steve, Amy, Savanna and Cruz


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