Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, April 6, 2012

Out of surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is out of surgery and did GREAT!!!! The surgeon felt like they were able to make a huge improvement in her pulmonary valve pressures. We should be able to see her soon!
  I ran into the anesthesiologist in the hallway and he said, " She is so darned cute! She just chatted away and when we gave her stuffed animal 'sleepy medicine' someone asked 'is it a good animal?' She responded 'Yes! She is but don't listen to Satan...he is bad!" Atta girl Georgia!
     So thrilled that she did so well and SO ready to go and kiss those sweet Georgia cheeks!


Carla said...

Good to hear she's out and it went well! Praying she recovers quickly!

Renee said...

Wonderful wonderful news...Yahoo! Praise God and thank you Jesus!!

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

That is fantastic!
I couldn't help but smile at her little comment. "Don't listen to Satan" SO ADORABLE and brave :)

stephanie said...

UGH, I missed everything! I didn't see any of these posts! I've never missed any surgeries or prayer requests:(

So glad Miss G is doing well. Sending prayers now!!

And a hug!

Susan A said...

That's wonderful to hear, awesome! Praise the Lord :)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! thank you God!!!! (:(: hallelujah!!!(:(: praying for great post-op times as well, and for your family to enter a sweet new chapter now!!(: Lerah

Chrissie said...

What a darling, so glad that all went well x

Tara Anderson said...

Just saw your "home" post, but I'm still rejoicing with you over this WONDERFUL news!!!

BARBIE said...

Delurking to say I am so thankful everything went well. Continued prayers for complete healing.


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