Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fragile Girl...


 We wouldn't want to stay away from the hospital for too long...

Miss Georgia spiked a 104 temp yesterday afternoon,

and was complaining of bad stomach pain around her belly button.

So, we got to hang out at the local ER where God did a pretty amazing thing!

We saw her curtain open and surprise!

Our amazing family doc happened to get called in to do rounds because they were so slammed (he does not work there often).

He just happened to grab the first chart in the pile, didn't even look at the name and walked into the room!

And there was Miss Georgia looking pretty punky.

Can I just tell you how amazing this is?

He is an AMAZING man who loves the Lord, is an elder at our church and part of the prayer team that has prayed for Georgia for years and knows her history so well!

It was SUCH a gift to see his kind face.

They were able to get her fever down some and we came home with her IV intact.

We are hoping she just has a crummy virus but they are also watching her for appendicitis and endocarditis too.

The doc kept saying "she is such a fragile girl" and in cases like this I am reminded of just what a gift she is.

Her little hear was racing so fast and she was so weak.

She is grumpy and fevery today so we will head back to her doc at 6pm to see where we go from here.

Praying it is just a virus for sure....


Arnold family said...

Praying for your sweet girl! Hope she feels better soon!
Holly Arnold;)

dajmommy said...

I am so sorry that your precious girl isn't feeling well. I'll keep her in my prayers...and truly do hope it's only a virus. No fun during these last weeks of August. :( Hope you get some snuggle time though.
~Angie J.

dajmommy said...

I'll keep your sweetheart in my prayers. I hope it is just a virus and it can be shaken quickly.

~Angie J.

Susan A said...

I'm sorry that she's not well, praying for His blessings and healing upon her little body. I love how your Dr came to see her, that is awesome!!! and so much like Him! :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Praying for your sweet Georgia! I do not like hearing how fragile she is :-( She looks like her spirit is SO robust ... her body should be no less and praying that her strength will be refreshed and healed. I have been thinking so much about my love for the name "Georgia" lately. She is such a gift ... and what a gift that you know and appreciate that and savor each moment! You are such a gift too Shannon and Doug! God bless you in this walk. --Hugs, Valerie

Shonni said...

I am praying for her!

KHM said...

praying for little girl. It is so worrysome when they spike a fever like that!

PS - the family church played "mighty to save" this morning - and I thought about your family.


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