Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, December 21, 2012


Holas Amigos!
We are well settled in down here in Baja....
life is so good.
We live pretty simply down here
and comment everyday on how much we love living simply and having this time to just be together as a family.
probably mainly for the grandparents,
here are some pictures of our 'daily' life here!
This is our home for the month!

We really, really love it and keep talking about how we could easily live in a WAY smaller house than ours at home.

Our backyard :)

What the kids wear if it is chilly

They spend most of their time here...

or here...

Doug working hard!

Post swim snunggles!

Even Georgia's Unicorn gets in on the fun!

Excited about hunting for shells...

Finding some good ones!

Lots of time to just hang out together...
Working on making bracelets for the orphanage!


Homework time!

This guy's favorite pastime!

A friend loaned Ravenna her Stand Up Paddleboard...they had a ball!

My favorite getaway spot! There is a tiny buoy out there so I tie up!

I lvoe watching their friendships grow!

and their goofiness come out!

Laundry day!

Playing house

They packed their own clothes...need I say more?

Their 'house'

Oh how I love living life with this crew!

One of the most amazing churches I have ever been to (more to coem on this later)

We even got to do a playdate with this little guy...he hung out for hours!
It was so fun and the kids had a ball. He knew no english so we had to get by with my Spanish...
our first ever multi-lingual playdate!

I love that kids are kids no matter where they are from or if they speak the same language!

Where Parker spends most afternoons...

Sunrise out our front door

Feliz Navidad!


Renee said...

Oh what fun to see all these photos...we may not be your kids grandparents, but we are grandparents :) Loved loved loved to see them so happy and carefree!!!! Thank you Jesus....

Carla said...

We'll have to catch up sometime once you're home! How far down the Baja are you staying? How fun to be camping out there for the month!


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