Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Behind yet another door....

So my posts are few and far between these days...

and I'm ok with that.

This time we feel like we have come back from Baja so deeply changed,

and it is hard to put words to it.

We are letting it simmer and trusting that God is leading into whatever it is that is happening in our hearts.

With my last post I talked about going to visit the lost children of Camalu (my term).

Today I want to talk about another group of children that have captivated my heart.

They may seem different but many have come from situations similar to what we saw in Camalu.

Today I want to introduce you to the beauty that hides behind the door of Casa 5.

The orphanage that we go and serve at has about 100 children.

The littlest live in La Cuna from birth until around 3 years old,

then they move into a Casa with a housemother.

The housemother in Casa 5 is a beautiful friend of mine named Sarah.

We got to housesit for her for and evening and then again for 11 hours the next day (along with some girls from Casa 1)!

That means 16 girls age 2- 16 for about 15 hours total....

It was chaotic, beautiful, crazy and such an honor.

We spent the day with arms full of little girls.

I literally would set one down and there would be one waiting with her arms lifted high wanting up.
Someone on staff said, "They can sense a Mama"....

So I snuggled them up, their little faces pressed into my neck, smushed against my cheek and held them.

Wishing I could hold them forever, praying that somehow that embrace would pour love ito them,
speak worth to them,

fill the gaping holes that litter their histories.

In the long run...

my life is so changed by those big brown eyes, those arms reaching up...

and I ache to hold them everyday.

What could be more fun than beads with a house of girls?

This little firecracker gave Doug a run for his money!
She had the best belly laugh I think I have ever heard!

These two wanted tickles and to be chased over and over!

 We have known this beautiful girl for 3 years when she was just learning to walk and would steal Georgia's shoes...

Georgia learning to dance...

She fell asleep IN THE SWING while Doug was swinging her on the playground!

Water balloons!

I love this man and how he loves these little ones just like they are his own.

Then we broke out the facepaint....and things got a bit crazy!
They painted each other's faces for hours!

Meanwhile the big girls pampered our little girls....

You think she liked it????

Looking at these pictures again causes a Scripture to ring in my heart:

"The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy."
Psalm 28:7

We have had people tell us thank you for what we did...seriously? We did so very little. What we were given by these kids was SO much more than we could ever give. I am convinced that God asks us to serve, to leave our comfort zone, to risk for the poor and the oppressed not to help them (although it does) but for the way it changes us, molds us, helps us to see Him.

So we are still chewing...

Still searching....

Begging God to strip away the things that keep us comfortable,

to teach us how to be poured out more and more...

because honestly our comfort keeps us from fully seeing Him,

and that is what I desire more than anything else.


Marlo Andaluz said...

Shannon, beautiful blog! Gracias a Dios! So blessed to have served with you, your family and your friends. I hope and pray we will cross paths again. Dios te bendiga! With lots of love and prayer,


Carla said...

Sarah rocks. Those little girls have a fantastic, super hard working, house mom. :) How fun to be able to hang out with Casa 5! That's a house full of little girls for sure! We have SO many memories of babysitting for the casa's, I always loved spending time with the kids ...Casa 5 was a special one to us the first time we lived there..of course it was different house parents and kids at that time. Gloria was in that house then, only a much younger Gloria than the hairdresser in the photo! I can't believe how much she's grown up! God bless you as you let things "simmer" in your hearts (I TOTALLY know that feeling) and as you seek his direction for the future.

Renee said...

Oh Shannon, what joy on your faces ! I am so glad you are sharing this great adventure with your readers.

Holly Splawn said...

"Begging God to strip away the things that keep us comfortable,

to teach us how to be poured out more and more...

because honestly our comfort keeps us from fully seeing Him,

and that is what I desire more than anything else."

Our family recently went to Brazil and served in a MK school there for a month. I came home feeling much like you. I think you put it into words better. What a blessing to be able to go and serve and see.


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