Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buenas Dias!

Hello from Southern Baja!

We have been here for a little over a week and life is moving beautifully slow!

Honestly, looking back at our life up north it seems as if we were moving at such a frantic pace....

it has taken us almost a week to slow down, 

recapture how sweetly blessed we are just being together...

how good it feels to walk with my biggest girl's arm around my waist,

or to sit looking out at the sea while chatting with Parker, just  hearing deep thoughts that rumble around in his mind....

or to have  Georgia smush here little cheek up against mine as she squeezes my neck with all here might a screams "I love you Mama!!!" into my ear.

To sit up at night with Doug with hearts swollen full of how deeply blessed we are.

Deeply blessed, living in 20 feet, no internet, no phone, only solar power....

with all of the 'things' we think we need sitting in our house up north...

and yet somehow, it is here with so very little that I can hardly bare the weight of our blessings.

So here are an obscene amount of pictures for the Grandparents(or anyone else who is interested!)

Our first day on the road...we just had to stop and get our fill of snow!

Parker lived up to the task for sure!

Getting in a little Taekwondo sparring just off the Mexico hwy 1

Too sweet for words!

The view along the Pacific is stunning...

Best car riders EVER

Letting off a little steam!
We hit some VERY bumpy roads...they cracked all of our eggs!

Lucky for us...the fridge was on too high so the eggs froze and didn't make a mess...but made for fun cooking!

Home Sweet Home!

Homeschooling for the next 6 weeks...it has been pretty fun so far!

Practicing counting with seed pods!

Miss Georgia hard at work!

This swee tgirl is ahead of her work already!

Making muffins to deliver to the neighbors up and down the beach!

When you have lots of time on your hands...make a racetrack! The kids are running a 'marathon' around it a little each day!

P.E. on the paddleboard

This Mama's sanity break
Even laundry is fun down here! Ravenna begs to do it!

One of our favorite pastimes is hunting for shells

Oh and dodging the waves:)

Ravenna is so alive down here among the shells and fossils!

You think she's happy!?!!!

and Parker seems so free with the wind in his hair. I often find him sitting in the sand looking out at the water

or perfecting his handstand :)

The kids have started a 'rainbow garden' in the middle of their racetrack

Complete with a Mexican racing flag (yes...Georgia is ok, her eyelid just became lunch for a mosquito)

I just  love having so much time as a family with Doug...our evenings often play out with a background of him on the guitar

and we have time to sit and do crafts for hours!

and to turn trash into high-tech robot arms...

and to embrace our inner pyro tendencies....notice all the lighters I promise they were supervised!

and digging for iron ore...to China or a flower garden depending on the kid!

We got to go sailing on the Sea of Cortez with a friend...one of Doug's dreams!

Safety never takes a vacation :)

We head out on Sunday on a trip with a local church to deliver supplies to 13 very remote villages (5 days on 4WD roads) and play with an estimated 1,500 children. Parker had a great idea. We have been told many of these children love to run alongside of the cars as we drive. He said, "Mom! I would just FREAK out if a car drove by and people started to throw paper airplanes out the windows! ...and what if we could write 'Merry Christmas' in Spanish on them!" So we are madly making Feliz Navidad airplanes to share with  the kids!

While we were making airplanes Miss Ravenna and Georgia were scouring the beach for seaweed to make a restaurant!

Stewed seaweed and sundried seaweed all for your dining pleasure!

We leave Sunday for the mountain trip. Could you pray for:

* Safety....both in health and with our vehicle, the roads are very rough and the villages very remote.

* That we would act in humility...we know that the Lord is at work already in these beautiful villages and we want to enter in and learn and to see.

Until then...Vaya con Dios!


Carla said...

I love all the pics! Such a great place for kids to be kids.

Susan A said...

Love what you are doing with your family, what so much fun and precious memories to make! :)

Praying for His hand to be upon you all as you serve Him.

Renee said...

Praying for all of you! I cannot believe how tall Georgia has gotten since I last saw her photo....Your adventure makes me smile and give praise....

Renee said...

Praying for all of you! I cannot believe how tall Georgia has gotten since I last saw her photo....Your adventure makes me smile and give praise....

Miller Moments said...

So fun to share in your adventure! :)


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