Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Siblings

Ravenna and Parker have such a swet love for their little sister already! Parker carries her pictures around and has "conversations" with her. "I found him yesterday all by himself with her picture and he was saying, "baby Georgia you are ready for us to come get you?" and last night he prayed, " God bring baby Georgia to us soon, she needs us now!".
Georgia is a constant part of Ravenna's conversation too. She has a veyr long list of all of the things she is going to teach her from how to use sign language to getting sparkly and pretty with makeup and hairclips (I haven't explained that she may have no hair to begin with!).
Last night after we went to bed Ravenna yelled out, "Mama...I just prayed for Georgia and her heart and for Mama and Daddy and Parker!!!!!"
I am so proud of my little munchkins!!!!!


Mandi said...

That is so sweet. It amazes me how quickly kids attach as well.


Ben and Rach said...

That is awesome! You should be proud! Good job!

Miller Moments said...

Very sweet. What an exciting time for them, as they wait for their new sister!

Blog Shmog said...

Shannon, it was nice to meet you too! Hopefully we'll see each other again sometime soon. :) Praying for sweet Georgia!

The Vinyards said...

I love kid stories--they are so cute! Praying for you guys & Georgia.


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