Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who is our little one?

I waited to share more about our soon to be Georgia because I don't want anyone to miss the post below about the awesome way that God brought her to us but I also want to share what I can about our little girl!
Of course, what I WANT to post is her adorable picture but we have to wait until we get our letter of acceptance from China before posting pictures publically. So here's what I can say: she is cute as a button, born in August of 2007 and waiting for us in Southern China. Her Chinese name mean Delicate Jade Blossom and her favorite meal is dessert (just like mama)!
We know that she is a peanut, only 17 pounds at 15 months (the most current info we have is from 15 months) but she is starting to walk, dances to music, has a ready smile, is fond of playing games and likes to imitate others. They also checked the boxes "energetic" and "fairly extroverted" so she should fit into our crazy family well! Her favorite activity on the ground is a go-cart (watch out Parker) and she likes bells, blocks and balloons and loves to laugh loudly!
When asked to describe her, the nannies wrote" She is a happy, smiley, smart kid and she is also easy-going and very cute, likes to play with kids and ask for love from adults."
I keep calcualting what she is doing now (15 hours ahead by the way) and thinking, soon I will tuck you in and kiss your cheek, soon we will play those games with and and soon we will rejoice in that glorious loud laughter!
More coming soon hopefully!

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A Little of This and a Little of That said...

So fun to hear more about her personality!


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