Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A bit of an update...

We got a tiny update from our agency today, here it is:

“The orphanage told me that Hua Yu Xian is ok if she not crying, her face, lips, fingers and toes just like normal children, but will all turn to blue when she cry.”

We are thankful that her fingers etc. are not blue all the time! The turning blue with crying is "normal" for a child with her condition who really needs to have her surgery. Please keep praying for our little girl.

* For her to be surrounded by people who love and comfort her.

* For protect of her body & brain while her heart is struggling.

* For lightening quick processing of our paperwork.

* That God will be preparing her to be a part of our family. For quick bonding (not that glue that holds the guy up by his hardhat...) as we jump into quite a rollercoaster when we get home (possibly open heart surgery within days).

* That God will also be preparing the four of us to be her family and for the changes that we have ahead.

Above all, I am just so thankful that I know that the Lord is leading in this and His timing will be perfect!!!!!

Thanks again all of you!!!!


Randy and Staci said...


That's a great update. I'm so glad to know that the color change only occurs with the crying. We'll keep Georgia in our prayers. Last night when Blake (our 9 year old) was praying he said "please watch over our Sophie." I loved the "our" part. It was just sweet. Take care - Staci

Ben and Rach said...

We are praying for you!


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