Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling frustrated!

It looks like the Swine flu is slowing things down for adoptions in China. I have heard rumors of this but now it is affecting families from our agency...I just want to cry or kick something! I understand the position China is in and that they are being careful which is good. There are so many little ones who need their parents including our little girl who needs not only her parents but her surgery asap. Please, please, please pray for the parents and children waiting to be united as many have waited for far too long already and it is hard to keep trusting as time goes on....also pray for Georgia's heart and body to keep hanging in there. I'm off to stick my head under my pillow & cry :(


Party of Seven said...

Im so sorry that the swin flu is slowing things down! I can not imagine how frustrating that must be. We will definitely keep your daughter and all the others little ones waiting for their family in our prayers.

Ann Trubey said...

OooooOOOOhhh this must be SOMETHING like labor pains! :) I am right there with you! Wish I'd taken Lamaze! I am wondering if the group that has had to be postponed has anyone going to Hunan in it...we will be the only one if not. It will be so strange to have Gotcha Day all alone! (Not to mention expensive!) Oh well, of course we know God knows it all, but it sure is hard. Glad we can vent here.

Much love and UNDERSTANDING,

Naomi said...


It is so good to know that we are all in this together, therefore as much as we do not like it, we must in the center of God's will. Praying for you also as you wait for RA.


Ben and Rach said...

So sorry Shannon! Can't imagine what you're going through!

Gretchen said...

I am crying with you, my friend. Although, today I think that God is picking me up and moving me forward, because this is ALL a part of His plan for us and our two beautiful little girls. We will be travelling together someday soon...I just know it!

Love Ya!


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