Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Please pray for this little girl!

This is written by Kay Bratt, an amazing woman who has spent time working inside an orphanage in China. She wrote a book called, 'Silent Tears' that is well worth reading. She now works with an organization called Pearl River Outreach (we sponsor a sweet littel one through this program) that helps find sponsorships for orphaned children so that they can be in foster care. She posted this today and I wanted to share it.

"Imagine this. You get up in the morning and carefully wrap your sick infant girl. You hold her close as you make the long trek to what you hope will be place of healing for the little one. Thoughts of why, why, why invade your peace of mind as you walk. Why must she be born with a defective heart? Why must we be so poor? Why must I have to give her away? As you arrive at the spot that will become a record of history for your daughter, you kiss her tiny head and as the tears fall onto her perfectly sculpted face, you lay her on the soft grass outside the crumbling gate. Her whimper turns to a wail that lingers in your ears long after you are out of sight.If you had to choose between keeping your daughter until her premature death or giving her up in the hopes that she would get the medical intervention she needs, which choice would you make? I know, impossible but women do it every day in China.Two weeks ago a choice was made.Now that 2–month-old child is fighting for her life in a Chinese hospital in Hunan. The orphanage has already deemed her as Failure To Thrive. Within the walls of the orphanage that means she will not receive much attention but instead be looked over in the attempt to tend to the healthiest children first. If she makes it through her hospital stay, her only chance of survival is foster care. The problem with that option is that for her to be in the Bamboo Baby foster care program at this orphanage, we need 3 sponsors to commit to $35 a month for her care. Would anyone out there like to step forward to make a difference in her life? This is an urgent plea. We have other children waiting for sponsors, as well, but none in such a precarious predicament as this infant girl. We have asked for pictures but cannot obtain them until her hospital release. Times are hard—that is for sure, but we can’t forget about those who have it harder than we could ever imagine.

If you want to know more here's Kay's blog http://kaybratt.blogspot.com/

Blessings on you guys and thanks for praying!!!!!

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