Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thanks for your support and prayers...I can feel them. I think that I need to say that there is much more to this journey that cannot be shared on here and we are being granted many favors. Someday I can share them in person maybe! Anyhow, the wait is very difficult and yesterday was especially tough for some reason so thank you for reading my little pout fest! I do know who is the Author and He will make things happen in the perfect timing. Right now I want to share my other little loves. Yesterday they made "a bed for baby Georgia" on the floor and promptly jumped in it for a snuggle:

They love to crack each other up right now:

And then I need to share what my sweet husband did to surprise me while I put the kids to bed last night:

Now that makes it feel like this is really, really going to happen! I kept going in a touching it today and dreaming of Georgia....
Sweet dreams!


Miller Moments said...

cute crib!!! is that the same one you had for Ravenna or a new one? Love Georgia's curtains too.

Shannon Miller said...

Hi Kristi!
It is Kelton and Camille's crib! I love that she will be sahring the same crib as ehr cousins, complete with the sweet teeth marks from when Kelton would try to eat his crib like it was corn on the cob!

Juli said...

it does seem so much more real to see bed and curtains up...beautiful.


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