Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, June 1, 2009

Please keep praying!

Hi! Just a quick note to ask you to keep praying. We still have not been able to connect with the Pediatrician or Cardiologist but we do know that Georgia's file has been reviewed. Please pray for clarity about how to best prepare for and treat Georgia as well as about the oxygen issue. We did hear from our adoption agency today that they probably will not get the update that they requested almost 9 weeks ago. So that means at this point no pictures, medical updates or updates from when Georgia was in foster care (these all would have helped clarify where she is at medically so much). We have put in a request through a company called Ladybugs N Love that makes orphanage calls. We are hoping that they may be able to find out more information for us. I know that they are trying specifically to get some medical questions answered as well as pictures of Georgia's hands & feet (these can show the extent of any oxygen deprivation).
Please pray for our sweet girl too as she waits for us to come and get her. I am guessing that she has been told that we are coming but I'm sure that she does not probably know what that means. Please pray for God to prepare her heart for us and ours for her. Please pray for loving arms to be around her and for a staff that interacts and plays with her.
Please keep praying for her little heart and body. As she inches closer to the toddler years the statistics get more grim. We know that she is in the Lord's hands and that His timing is not even one second late, ever. He also asks us to come boldly before Him and promises that He can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.
Sometimes I feel like Moses when he was leading that battle (I'll have to look up which one) where as long as his arms were up his army was winning. The longer it went on, the more he needed others to hold his arms up. Please pray for the adoptive families that are waiting so long (many FAR longer than us) to go and get their children and for the children that long to finally have a family, we all have points where we get very weary and need others to help hold us up.


Chandra said...

We definitely won't stop praying for her - or for you guys. I can't just envision little Georgia's guardian angel standing watch. My kids will be praying, too!

Miller Moments said...

You are in our prayers daily-many times during the day! I love the picture of Moses holding up his arms. I know that Moses had many people giving him strength during that battle just as you do. What a great analogy!

Shannon Miller said...

Thanks guys. I think that I am needing to just let go of the idea of getting an update and trust that teh Lord will lead us even if we step into the trip to China blindly. Your prayers mean a lot to me.


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