Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep up the good work!

God is moving in Haiti!!!

One of the orphans that we have prayed for, Rob is on his way to the US. 8 others have been united with their families here. There are still so many more waiting.
* Please pray for their safety, for food and water and medical supplies, that they would get to them and be more than abundant - like the loaves and the fishes.
* Please pray for the children, that God would protect them emotionally. That His grace and comfort would surround them and that they would feel SAFE and LOVED every second.

* Pray for their caregivers that they would be the hands, arms and voice of Christ's love to the children at this time. That they would not tire and would find deep rest. that they would have people around them buoying them up as well....that the orphanages would be surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses" pouring out love and care.

* Pray specifically for the Benedict family and their sweet daughter Lovely. Also for Foyer de Sion orphanage in Port au Prince( where Lovely is). I got this email from them today:
This is Bryan Benedict, father of Lovely at Foyer de Sion in Haiti. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It means so much to us! God hears our prayers - we definitely sense Him moving! We are seeing some positive signs with the State Dept., but still no concrete decision yet. Our story is getting a lot of attention, which is good. The more we can get word out there about the plight of these precious children in Haiti, the better chance we have of the government responding. Thanks for all your support, and most of all PRAYERS!

God is at work! Continued prayers for the people of Haiti.

God Bless You,

* Pray for Kendy who is also waiting at Maison de Enfants des Dieu to come home.

* Pray for Good Shepherd orphanage that is out of water and food (last I heard)for God's miraculous protection on the bodies of the staff and children there.

* Pray for Ali, Amos, Alexander and Charly who are also waiting.

* We have just a few names but their are over 380,000 orphans in Haiti, probably more now. Please pray for God's protection over them and that He truly would "God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:6

* Pray for the adoptive parents who wait for word about their children. Pray for the Haitian parents who also wait for word about their children, that God's peace that passes all understanding would surround them.

Pray for the little girl with the green barrettes:
* A story was written on CNN about a little girl about 4 years old who was at a medical tent. She had green barrettes that matched her green shirt. She does not know where her parents are. I do not know her name but pray that she finds her parents, pray that she is surrounded by people who will care for her. Pray for the healing of her wounds both physical and emotional.

Please pray for Joel Battison (the dad of Parker's preschool buddy Kai from last year)
From an email:
Joel and a search and rescue team arrived in Haiti today to search for a man named Walt from Washougal. Walt was in Haiti teaching them how to use solar power to betther their country. Walt emailed his wife from his hotel 15 minutes before the earthquake. They are growing weary.

* Please pray for safety for Joel, that they find Walt alive and safe, for Joel's family while he is away and for Walt's family as they wait.

Please pray for Rita Tanier Leger

Rita was able to board a flight to the US from Haiti today but got seperated from her one year old daughter Sahrie. Sahrie was with Rita's sister but fell too far behind in the line to get on the plane.

* Pray for safety for Sahrie and her aunt.
* Pray for Rita as she waits, possibly days before she can be reunited with her daughter.
* Pray for Sahrie to get on a flight soon and that they can find one another.

Continue to pray for Nikki and Susette in Haiti giving medical aid
* Pray that they would have stamina, wisdom, protection and God's grace as they serve.
* Pray that their medical supplies would be abundant and exactly what they need at the time.
* Pray for healing both physically and emotionally for the people they care for.

Pray for the medical clinic now opened by the Livesay family
* Pray for supplies, safety and wisdom as well.
* Pray for protection over their children while they are apart (their kids are in the states with their big sister now).
* Pray that the Lord would sustain them and carry them as they continue to serve.

Please continue to pray for

* Clean abundant water....that there would miraculously be enough, every time.

* For the rescuers, that they would have strength and stamina...that God's grace would carry them as they wade continually through such grief and impossibility...that the would sees hope in the midst of the crisis.

* For the families that are grieving...in Haiti and around the world. That they would be surrounded by love and that they find God's deep rest and peace in the midst of it.

* For the children who have witnessed far more than they ever should have, that God would protect their hearts and minds and bring them peace.

* Pray for hope, that the beauty would rise from the ashes in Haiti...that those stories of hope would spread far and wide and bring people hope.

Thank you for praying...thank you for sending emails with more to pray for...thank you for sending this on to others to have them pray. God is BIG and He can do MIGHTY things.

******** I just got this!!!!!
Don't know if you
> heard the latest news with our situation - we heard tonight
> from the Joint Council on International Childrens Services
> that "Secretary Napolitano has announced humanitarian parole
> for orphaned Haitian children". This means our Lovely
> will be allowed to come home! Not sure how long it will take
> the US to work out an evacuation plan, but shouldn't be long
> before she is home! What a testimony she will have!

Praise God!!! These kids are starting to come home!!!!

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Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Thanks for the great post, so much information. We are praying for HOPE!!! Happy to hear about the children that are coming home to their forever families!!


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