Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orphans & Haiti still need our prayers...

Praise God, some kids are coming home!!!!! From my count 62 orphans have been united with their families. There are many more that still vitally need prayers both those waiting to come home soon (about 800) and those who have not been matched with a family (over 300,000).

This is from Lovely's dad. She is still not able to come home. My understanding is that there needs to be a safe-haven spot to process the children's paperwork before they get on a flight:

UPDATE: The State Dept will NOT provide the small assistance of food, water and security at the safe-haven building that was identified for use of evacuating our children. There is now no safe plan to bring them home.
It's total chaos. No one in the government seems to know what anyone else is doing. Very, very frustrating. Not really sure why some kids are able to get through, and others not. Lovely should still be able to come home, but it may take a lot longer, and she will not have the safety of the staging area that was proposed.

* This is huge, everyday these children are more at risk from lack of water, malnutrition and disease. Please pray that the red tape is wiped out and that there can be a safe place for these children.

* Pray once again for: Lovely, Kendy, Amos, Ali, Alexander and Charly who I believe are still in Haiti at this point.

* Continue to pray for the parents who are waiting for their children to come home.

Pray for America World Adoption Association
AWAA is already working on how we can
> > help these children of Haiti. I just had
> > correspondence with Brian (our CEO) who is working on
> what
> > our agency can do. Add our part and role to your
> > prayer list and that the US and Haiti governments will
> work
> > together to get these children in loving homes as soon
> as
> > possible instead of on the streets.

* I cannot even begin to guess at the number of children who have been orphaned through this earthquake. Pray for a way to put them in families. That governments will look beyond the paperwork and protocol to save these precious lives.
* Pray that the plight of these orphans continues to stay front and center in the media.

Pray for the Clays
They are missionaries living in Haiti...now doing emergency work. They have a very real post on their blog about the earthquake and how to best help. It is long so you can access it here http://www.apparentproject.blogspot.com/

Pray for the Livesays

They now have become a hospital housing 14 patients and treating tons more. They have also updated their blog: http://livesayhaiti.blogspot.com/

Please see the post below for a full list of requests, as much by name as possible. Thank you again for all of you who are emailing updates. I want to end with this amazing story that was sent to me. It is from Shirleen Godfrey, a missionary in Haiti:
January 16, 2010

Greetings Friends,

We have had services at Calvary Haitian Baptist Church Wed., Thurs., and Friday nights with a visiting speaker from Florida.

It has been a time of great stress and fear because of the earthquake in Haiti. All of our people have relatives living in the capital city which is Port au Prince and not being able to hear from any of them and not knowing whether they are dead or alive is very traumatic to say the least. One of our members at Solid Rock told of losing nineteen of his family.

Pastor Henri has a sister and family there with no word as to their well being.

I want to tell you about Pastor Paul Justin. He pastors Solid Rock Baptist Church, which was started as a result of Calvary Haitian. He has a deep abiding love for the LORD and for his people. He truly is a Shepherd after GOD’S own heart and is faithful, of humble spirit and a lover and server of the LORD.

Friday night he gave his testimony. I had no idea of the heaviness in his heart this week.

In his testimony, he told of his two daughters being in school in Port-au-Prince. They were living with relatives there.

When the earthquake hit, knowing his two daughters were there, he and his wife were totally devastated. Crying out to GOD……….walking the floor…….trying to call Haiti……talking to any and everybody around and failing to get some word of his daughters.

Finally, they called and told their story.

The younger daughter was taking a nap on the ground floor while the older sister was doing her homework on the flat roof of the two story building. Doing her lesson, she suddenly felt a tremor and saw the crack in the roof. Without thinking she literally jumped off the roof onto the ground below. SHE WAS NOT HURT….NO BROKEN BONES….NOT A SCRATCH……I WONDER WHY!!! When she ran around to the front of the building she saw her sister standing in the road, in front of the shambles of what was a house. She asked her sister how she got out of the house. She said she didn’t know but all she knew is that she was SLEEPING IN THE HOUSE AND THE NEXT THING SHE KNEW SHE WAS STANDING IN THE ROAD. I WONDER WHY!!!

Does GOD CARE? You better believe HE DOES. Does HE take care of HIS own? YES, HE does.

They were able to get to family in Port-de-Paix, a town ten hours over broken road, to be with family. Paul is going to Haiti this week. Of course they have no clothes, only what is given them by others that are so destitute in Haiti. Clothes and money are being gathered for him to take back, not only for his daughters but for the many others who have been able to go to Port de Paix. Many of those living in Port au Prince are going back to Port de Paix.

Please remember these in your prayers. It is such a terrible and desperate situation.

Also, something that is a miracle. With the earthquake in Haiti, Director of Immigration here in Nassau released all the illegal Haitians that had been picked up and were being held in the Detention Center.. They were released this morning. Talk about excitement.

Shirleen Godfrey

Thanks for praying with me!!!!

> >


TanyaLea said...

Wow, these updates are tugging non-stop at my heartstrings. Prayers continue to go up on their behalf. Thank you for posting and keeping us in the loop. The story about Pastor Henri's daugthers was just amazing! God is SO good and He clearly made His angels charge over those girls...no question about it! PTL that He is there with His people. We need to continue to supply whatever help and provisions necessary to help these stricken people. God is LOVE, and right now, we need to show Haiti that LOVE through our reaching out to help!


Anonymous said...

I will pray for he families to get their love ones home safe, and the people on Haiti to get fresh water, shelter, and food. But, most of for no more quakes!

~Jennifer James


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