Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't miss out! Give Away!!!!!

Wouldn't these be beautiful Easter presents???????? Or honor Mother's day by helping a child come home! Go and check them out (click on the Isabella bracelet link to the right)!!!!!

I have never done this before...but I am blessed beyond belief to be able to do a giveaway of some beautiful Isabella bracelets from Orphan No More. I recently came upon Daleea's blog and fundraiser and can say without a doubt that the bracelets she makes are fun, beautiful, whimsical and for the best cause ever! She is so talented and is prayerfully making 3,000 bracelets to sell which would cover their adoption! I love the idea of wearing something that is a reminder of how much the Lord loves the orphans of the world and wants to put them in families. They are fun and trendy for grown-ups and beautiful for little girls. this give-away will be for 2 bracelets and you can choose some just for yourself, for a little girl, a mother-daughter matching set...your choice! Every penny goes towards their adoption to bring their daughter Isabella home from China.

How cool is it to be able to use our money not only for something fun and unique but also for bringing an orphan home...truly making her an Orphan No More!

So here's how it will work:

* Go and visit the Orphan No More site. Find your favorite bracelet style and write a note in my comments about it....that gets you one entry into the drawing.

* Become a follower of the Orphan No More site...that is another entry (and you get to follow as God does awesome things in this family's life!)

* Leave an encouraging comment on the Orphan No More site (at the very bottom of all the bracelet styles)....yet another entry.

* Read their family story and leave a comment. the link is on the right side of their blog...get another entry!

* If you have a blog...make a post about this giveaway! Spread the word! Let's bless this family like crazy!

* Also if you have a blog...add the Orphan No More button to your blog and let me know about it...another entry!

* Place an order with Orphan No More ( I made mine last week).... and get yet another entry!

There! 7 different ways to earn entries in the drawing for some fun Spring bracelets!

Do one of them or all 7 !!! Just make sure to let me know so I can get your name in there (you can comment here or some have been sending me emails)!

On March 4 (our 7 month Gotcha anniversary with Georgia and Doug's birthday!), one of my kids will draw a name out of a hat and I'll let you know!!!!! No have fun looking at all the amazing choices over there and encouraging an adoptive family at the same time!!!!!!


Flamingo Mama said...

oh my goodness!! i love that about your daughter going to school naked!! that is the best!! i so need to remember that one!

Ginny said...

Just ordered 9 of them for Christmas presents!! Thanks for leading me to this opportunity!

Kim A. said...

Just ordered 3 of them! Thanks for sharing this with everyone, Shannon. I posted it for my FB friends as well.

Sarah said...

I love the Whimsy bracelet! If I win I'll order a bracelet to match for my Emily Margaret to wear one day. :) Thanks for the giveaway!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Rachel said...

How just gorgeous!

I love these and just spent the longest time looking at all the beautiful pictures...

I love the Autumn and the Ginger - so beautiful!

What a wonderful idea to do this :)

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

I have just gone thru your blog. It's been awhile since I read any. You have an adoreable family.

I love those bracelets!! I bought some for Christmas gifts. She even made me a custom size for a little baby. I still have one sitting right next to me. :) They are really done nicely.


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