Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Day :)

      * Parker tells everyone he can find that he is "officially" 65 years old and he will only answer to the name "Spuz" and announced also that he will call me Spencer (what?!?)....

       * Georgia is spending the day sticking any object she can up her nose...

      * Ravenna left for school naked. She refused to get dressed so we said, "ok." Don't worry Doug got her dressed before they arrived....

      * and we spent 2 hours demolishing Les Schwab while they put on new tires (the kids ate almost a whole bin of popcorn and spread bits of it everywhere)...

   That's my day so far! While the little whirlwinds are sleeping, I wanted to pass on a link to this post (the one titled "I would if we had the money" although al of them are good!):


     Linny has a way of saying just what is on my heart. If you have ever thought about adoption (or thought you didn't need to), if you are one the the hundreds who have told me this same thing about financing one...you need to read this! It is real, true, honest and incredible!

      Well, I need to go and clean the popcorn out of my pockets before Georgia finds it and sticks it up her cute little nose!


Tara Anderson said...

Your days sound alot like mine!!! :)

I read that post earlier today on "A Place Called Simplicity" and absolutely LOVED it!!! Of course, that could be because it was nice to hear someone else admit to "downsizing" their lifestyle so they can adopt. Sometimes I feel like we're freaks for doing that...or that other people think so, at least. :) Thanks for sharing the link to this post...I would definitely label it a "must read!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Hey Shannon,

You made me laugh with the items up the nose and naked children. So true. I also love Linny's post. Such a beautiful example of obedience to God's call. Her words are certainly convicting.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I will pray that spring comes soon in that situation that now seems forever winter. I've been there. God can heal any situation. May you have peace and wisdom during this time.


Christabelle said...

Hello, my dear! It HAS been a long time! I actually had a strange thought today as I was completing my blog. How'd it ever work out potty-training your little girl? I just remembered how patient you were with her, for although you seems a little disheartened at her pace, you were committed to working with her time. I was so encouraged by that. Anyway, congrats on the newest adoption! I'm so happy for you guys! Stay in touch!



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