Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, February 19, 2010

How do I begin to say "Thank You?"

      This community is amazing....
    How in the world do I begin to tell you all how much it means that you have visited, emailed, left messages and passed this information on. Somehow the information has reached almost 1,500 people!!! I sincerely hope that it helps save the lives of other little ones. It meant so much to me to hear from so many, I was REALLY shaken by the experience yesterday and your words were so comforting...really just what I needed!
    The more I read your emails and comments, the more I realize how differently yesterday could have turned out. Georgia is doing well. She had nightmares last night so I slept with her. She would cry out "Stuck! Stuck!" in her sleep. Today her neck is really sore and she keeps pointing to it and saying "Owie...off!" I just keep holding her close and thanking God that she is ok.
     The blogging and adoptive community just continues to amaze me. I love that something that can be used for such darkness is so amazingly used to bring people together! I really am excited to get to know all of my new "friends" who have visited. It may take me awhile but I cannot wait to visit your sites and see what God is up to in your lives too!!!!!
     Even though yesterday was really intense...life continues on. Parker got new glasses today and promptly told me, "I am not four anymore...I am Sixty-Five!!!!!!". His grin was wider than his glasses even! Then I caught Ravenna with nothing on but one of Georgia's cloth diapers making me surprise artwork on babywipes...which stained every surface they came in contact with. I love my crazy kids who bring such sunshine into my life!
   Hugs and deep, deep thanks to you all!


Valerie and Jeff said...

Yes we are so grateful that yesterday turned out as a good message to all of us parents! One thought ... how did we ever survive childhood without helmets riding bikes and those strings on hoods/sweater and not wearing seatbelts or even carseats?! I would bet my crib slats were too far apart too. Crazy! Been thinking about you lots today and hoping that Georgia is all better soon! My neck hurts thinkin' about it!

Gretchen said...

Love you!


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