Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mighty to Save

    Happy Easter!!!!!! How do I even begin to write about what this day means to me? I want to write about something that happened today.
    On Easter Sunday our church meets at the local middle school so that both services can be together. It is fun and crazy as the kids stay in the service. During the worship time I took turns holding Ravenna and Parker in my arms while Doug held Georgia. During "Mighty to Save" I had Ravenna snuggled up with me as we sang. Some of you will remember that God used this song over and over again as we waited for Georgia andas we walked through open heart surgery with Georgia. Again and again this song would pop out of nowhere reminding me that "Savior, he can move the mountains...my God is mighty to save, mighty to save."
     Ravenna is a deeply affection child...but not a kisser. Well, not a "kiss on the lips" kisser. She will kiss my cheek, my hand, and my forehead but anything closer seems to be too much for her. We haven't talked about it, I have just let it be where it is at, but I have wondered what is behind it. I have missed that close "smoochiness" from her.
      So, during the song, she snuggled right up to me with her head on my shoulder as I sang, tears of thankfulness for our three kids rolling down my cheeks. Then, as this huge crowd sang "Mighty to Save", Ravenna took my face in her hands and pressed hers right up against mine. She just held it there, noses next to each other, her hands in my hair. After awhile she pulled back, looked at me and "eskimo kissed" me nose-to-nose. Pulling away again, she looked at me with those cheery brown eyes, suddenly serious and placing a hand on each cheek slowly kissed my nose and then my lips.
    I never want to forget that moment...such a priceless and intimate gift from my precious girl on Easter morning.
    Now, tonight, as the house is quiet and the day is coming to a close....I am thinking about how intimate Jesus wants to be with us, to hold us close, face-to-face...


Valerie and Jeff said...

That is so cool that God has used this song in so many special ways for you! It is an incredible song in verse and music and it has spoken to me too when it seems like I need it the most at times. And it is so precious that your non-kisser cuddled up and gave you an eskimo kiss as well as the real deal. I am a mom to a non-kisser and I treasure how special that was for you as her momma~
Easter Blessings!

stephanie said...

OH, how beautiful! I got butterflies in my stomach reading and teary. How precious a moment!

Lisa G said...

wow-what a special gift on such a special day!! He knows our hearts-and our children do too! Bless that precious little lady!

TanyaLea said...

Oh Shannon!
What a precious and tender moment...on such a beautiful day, during such a sincere time! That is an Easter moment you will treasure FOREVER!

Indeed, He is 'Mighty to Save!'

Blessings and Hugs,


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