Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Beautiful Twirly Skirt...

     Last week a package came in the mail...such a precious package. My friend Valerie had made a skirt. The skirt was made for TanyaLea's auction to help her go and get Khloe (they are in China now, check the Travelling section!). When the auction went up and I saw that skirt, it was the thing that I wanted most...and few weeks later, I found out that I won the skirt AND that as Valerie was making it she was picturing Miss Georgia in it.
Not only that, when she found out that Georgia won, she made a second skirt for Georgia's 'sister' Ashlyn (her buddy from the orphanage who was adopted by an amazing family in Florida)

    So last week...the 21st to be exact. This sweet package came in the mail...
    Last week...the 21st to be exact...was the 9 month anniversary of Georgia's open heart surgery! The night before her surgery I wrote this:

Georgia Dancing
                     Sorry that it has been so long since I have written, this has been a time packed with deep joy and tremendous worry…both at levels that I am not sure I knew existed.

Before rambling (which I am sure I will do) I want to share something that the Lord did…I am constantly amazed by the depth of detail in which the Lord cares. Yesterday I was in Georgia’s room while she was sleeping. I was feeling SO burdened and exhausted, so heavy hearted about all that we are walking through and honestly not knowning how to even make it through the next hour. I was unpacking one of the billion bags in our hospital room (seriously, we have a ton of bags half packed with random things we remembered we needed from the camper, friends etc) and I came across a bunch of cards. I had totally forgotten that that beautiful hoard of kiddos that were our welcoming comittee also handed me cards that they had made when we got off the airplane. I started looking through these cards, all covered with pictures most of which were these children’s wishes for Georgia. Some were of her having a biorthday party, some of her in a princess dress, as a mermaid, sliding down a slide all were hand written in sweet child writing (like Wokum Gorgu). I came to one that was un-open from Ian Blakemore. He had drawn a picture and it was titled “Georgia dancing”. Tears immediately flooded my cheeks as I got this brilliant picture of our little girl in a tutu leaping around after her big sister, giggling. This tired, weak little girl that I see and hold and pray over every day is someday going to dance. The Lord knew just what I needed, He knew that I am too exhausted to pick up or pour over tons of scripture, too exhausted to think clearly and too exhausted to dream…but through Ian’s sweet picture He planted a little dream. I have thought of it over and over, this little picture of my girl giggling and dancing. While they were putting in a new IV because she painfully tangled and almost pulled out the old one, while she cries and the monitors beep like crazy because her heart goes too fast or her oxygen is way too low, when I think of what will be happening on Friday…I also picture that little leaping girl who will be here soon.

    Now, I can hardly get the skirt off her! As soon as she puts it on, she looks down with a big, proud grin...and begins to spin and dance!
     Valerie, you have blessed me beyond belief!

Valerie is helping with this awesome fundraiser

You don't want t miss it! Click on the picture to see all of the amazing items being auctioned off!


natali said...

love it! so sweet!

Rita said...

OH! The tears Shannon!
If you're blessed...I think I'm blessed more. That is the sweetest photo(s)!! And it is AWESOME (and I do not hesitate to use that word here) how the unopened card you found of the little girl dancing, your dreams for Georgia before her surgery, the skirt arriving 9 months to the DAY of that surgery (I had no idea of that timing!) But I do remember that post ... who ever could have guess how God could be so gracious in his love over us! Thank you so much for blessing me by letting me know Georgia likes the skirt, for the call, for this post! It looks so perfect on her! How beautiful! For so many reasons.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Georgia had open heart surgery! I'm Chrissie's sister, Mattie. I too had dreams of Chrissie dancing on the floor by herself, not in my arms. But God had different dreams and plans for her, and I can't wait to see her dancing away in Heaven.
Mattie Patterson

Valerie and Jeff said...

That comment from "Rita" was actually from me, Valerie--sorry! I guess I was still logged into the Blessings fundraiser site making some additions to the prizes. Oh my. I just cannot get over that last photo of Georgia though ... she just looks like such a character half-sitting there on that chair, kinda crooked and full of boundless laughter. Oh my! That skirt has never had so much fun I am sure!

Renee said...

What an anniversary present...from God and your friend. God is awesome....I continue to be amazed by how much he is in the details...
My husband has had a full and stressful day and I called him over to sit down and look at the pictures of your sweet Georgia because Iknew it would make him smile and laugh...and it did! Took the stress right out of the day! God bless....

stephanie said...

Tears Again!!! I am beyond blessed to have found your beautiful blog and your beautiful family!

Tara Anderson said...

I've got tears!!! Oh, she looks so beautiful in that skirt and I know how much it blesses Valerie to be able to see her in it! And the timing?!?! Oh, our God is SO amazing!!


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