Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Whole Lot of Adoption Going On!!!!!

       It has been awhile since I highlighted all the amazing things going on around here...I am so amazed by the families represented and all the kids who are now home, coming home soon and finding families! It is honesting breath-takingly beautiful to me!

           Home & Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are down this post just a bit...
So many sweeties have come home! Check them out!

Teresa is home and still in need of lots of prayer for her heart. She is in surgery today for a repair from some damage during her heart cath. Please visit her blog and leave a word of encouragement!
****Can I add something here? I just got an email from Teresa mom. Remeber the day of prayer we had for Teresa/Lucy? 3 days later they sent in their LOI to adopt her!!!! God is so powerful and so is prayer. Please keep praying for Teresa!

Jeremiah is home too! Please pray for him and his family as they asses his medical needs and pray for attachment.

Look at that smile! Khloe is home and loving it and her Mama just wrote a beautiful post about summer with her baby girl...

There are so many more kids that have come home but so little room! Check out the Traveling page to read about those almost ready to travel, in China now and Home Sweet Home! Please also visit the Prayer Request page to keep up with families who could use prayer and encouragement too!

An Adoption Place

There are 34 family fundraisers listed now and it just keeps growing!!!!! 

You do not want to miss this raffle...62 prizes and you get to choose which you are interested in. Help bring Solomon home!!!!

Visit the site
Many of you know Valerie she has one of the most beautiful hearts for adovacting for orphans and helping adoptive families.


and these

currently the sale of these is helping the Rippee family

Read about this amazing family's journey and fundraising

and check out Ruffled Feathers

The Little family is getting really close to going to get Ellie!!!

They still need to raise a portion of their funds and have two amazing fundraisers going on!

Just look at these (pick them up now for Christmas????)

and what little girl couldn't use some more hairclips???? There are even Hello Kitty ones which will have my girls dancing with joy for days!!!!

You can get the full scoop on their website (scroll down a few posts to find these)

How about some new back-to-school duds to help Rebecca bring her son home from China?
These are all custom, you choose the colors and fonts. They are the cutest shirts I have seen in a long time!

and my favorite...

Check out all of her other adorable styles including these notepads (hey moms deserve something every once in awhile right?)

Check her stuff out

Are you still fundraising and need some help? A new company has been formed that makes beautiful jewelry and they help adoptive families!

There are so, so many more incredible things to see and what better place to spend you money than to help bring orphans home. Click around on the An Adoption Place page. Make sure to leave comments on people's blogs, it is a huge encouragement!
If you have a fundraiser and want me to list it email me:

Happy Clicking!!!!!
Feel free to grab one of my buttons (on the right) and spread teh news about helping adoptive families!!!


Ben and Rach said...

They all look so happy with their families!

The Raudenbush Family said...

So many things to be thankful for and so many families to pray for, knowing that God has and will prove Himself God and provide again!

Feel free to tell fundraising families to send me their button to put on the fundraising families page of www.wearegraftedin.com! I'd love to!

QueenB said...

i'm your newest email subscriber from Mailbox Monday. I love these stories!!



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