Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, September 9, 2010

You just have to check this stuff out!!!!

    For most of the summer I was not on the computer too much. For the last week, since I had surgery, I have had time to poke around a bit more and...WOW! God is doing some AMAZING stuff!!!!!

First off, if you only have a chance to click on one link from here

The site is called We Are Grafted In and it is amazing.

It is a Christian adoption site that started up recently.

It has a Forum like China Adopt Talk (which is wonderful). This forum allows people to talk about their faith and adoption together! It is open to ALL adoptions, Domestic, International, Open, Closed etc.
For you fundraising families, it has a spot to list your fundraisers too!

It is a serious breath of fresh air.
Don't miss it!

Also, the articles that are being written are profound and the links to culture, attachment and the reality of adoption are authentic and deep. 
I honestly teared up when I was first on there. It was one of those rare times where I realized I had been missing this site even before it was made.
Go and get involved!!!! 


Over at A Place Called Simplicity has been writing some amazing posts about orphans, fasting and prayer. Tons of people joined together yesterday to fast and pray for orphans. You can still get involved! There is a whole list of families who are in the adoption process and in need of prayer! They linked up to one of Linny's posts and you can read about them Here

An Adoption Place

There are now 35 families who have listed their fundraisers!
You have to check them out, they are amazing!

This Family is adopting from Ethiopia and they are selling the coolest shirts!

You choose the country you want appliqued on...

and the colors...

and the size ( they have them for adults and kids)

Aren't those amazing? What a cool thing for a kid to have while they are waiting for their sibling, or to celebrate their birth country or for a parent to wear to do the same thing!

They also have a coffee fundraiser, beautiful jewelry and some cool keychain loops!

There are so many more to check out at An Adoption Place

There are great items for birthdays weddings, Orphan Sunday is coming up (Nov. 7th) or get started on Christmas shopping. Use your money to help bring little ones home this year!!!!

Traveling & Home

Remember the family that was hand rolling paper beads to sell necklaces to bring their son Solomon home???
They got a last minute TA and God provided literally at the last minute before they needed to buy plane tickets...
and they are in China now with this little guy!!!!

Check out their journey Here

There is another family that is in Uganda trying to bring their two children home. They have encountered problem after problem and are in need of lots of encouragement and prayer. What may look discouraging on the outside is easy for God!!!!

Please Visit Them Here to encourage them and find out how best to pray!

This Sweet Betty...

She needs to get home to her Mama Deb soon for medical treament! She too is in Uganda and needs God's favor in getting all of her paperwork completed (some officials are not helping much)!!!
God CAN move these mountains!
Let's pray this little girl home!

Teresa is the miracle girl that has captured so many hearts...

She is an absolute miracle, she should not have survived as long as she has and yet her little heart keeps beating and she keep pouring out love on her family.
She needs another miracle to heal her heart.
In reading about her family, you cannot help but be blessed.

Some of the best news of the week.....

Sallee over at It's Poppy Dip has the best news! It might have something to do with why she has been sewing like crazy for so many months....you just have to Go and See!!!!!!

From the Home Front

School is back in swing....even Miss Georgia started a little bit of preschool this week. I get to be the Bible teacher at her preschool and it is a huge answer to prayer!

Here's a peek at the first day fun

The backpack brigade...

The way to her classroom she was yelling, "My school!!!! My Mama Teacher!!!!"
She was so excited...
She was going so fast she was literally tripping over her little pink cowboy boots!

C-mon Mama, hurry up!

I'm so excited for all that this school year will bring for these precious kids!

Happy clicking!!!!
I headed out to a girls weekend away but will be back soon with some fun news!


The Raudenbush Family said...

Praying for all the children waiting for families, for the families waiting for children, and for those who have recently seen their children for the first time...

Gretchen said...

Thanks for catching us up! All of the sories you posted about are wonderful.

Michael Creations said...

Stopping by from New Friend Friday! I love the blog...my father was adopted at birth and we recently found his biological sister. It's been quite a journey and we know how fortunate he was to have been raised by such loving parents.

You are truly giving your little ones a blessing that is priceless.

Ben and Rach said...

Cute, cute school pictures!!!

Momma Chantal said...

Cute pics!

Thanks for visiting me! Following you now, too!


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