Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Such a Brave Little Guy!!!

   Thank you all for praying for Parker. He is on the mend! He was pretty darned sick by the time we got to ER but once he got a few nebulizer treatments in him he was talking up a storm and keeping the nurses station laughing! He started feeling sick on Friday evening and by last night had pneumonia, it came on crazy fast. So he and I are snuggled up at home for the next few days with steroids, antibiotics and an big inhaler thing. He is so excited about having his very own machine with "super cool invisible medicine"

I am again struck by just how blessed we are here to have access to life savings medicine when we need it. As I held him during his treatments I kept thinking about parents around the world who may be holding their children with the very same diagnoses but with no help at all...or the little ones who have no one to hold them as they battle to breathe. It is so easy to get caught up in what is going on in my own life and to forget, to forget just how priviliedged we all are and how much we CAN do to help others around the world. It doesn't take much to gie up a little bit of luxury (latte? new clothes? chips or pop at the store?) and to really make a difference.

Now....life has not been all medical around here. Mainly it has been filled with so much joy...

It was Grandma Juli's birthday so we had a little cake & ice cream party

andgot to meet one of our newest cousins little Lindsey (isn't she beautiful?)
My brother and his wife also had twin girls last week...they are stunning too!

and fill her up with kisses! Georgia hung out with her for about an hour, she loves babies!

Since we are going  to Mexico for part of December on Whatever Project #2 and spending 10 days serving at an orphanage there, we decorated our Christmas tree a bit early.

I came around the corner and found Ravenna dressed in only this

Now that is some Christmas spirit!

We made all of our ornaments

We've been doing this for the past 5 years and I love it
It is truly or whole family's simple tree

Not to be outdone by her sister...

and apparently I have been drinking lots of coffee

because this is Parker's latest portrait of me

and his other recent invention

Is a pancake truck...

He has been talking about it non-stop. He knows where every gauge is, how each lever will turn the batter into pancakes and where those golden cakes will come out!

We may be wading through deep waters here with lots of unknowns but I am so thankful that God does not leave us there. He has placed our feet on the firm foundation of His love and deep joy today.

Many blessings, lots of coffee and a truckload of pancakes from our family to your today!


stephanie said...

So glad Parker is OK! We have all the same meds at our house too!

congrats on the new Dumpling !!!! She is beautiful!

And you know I always say as long as you've got a great pair of shoes, the rest of the outfit doesn't matter!

That photo made me smile!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Glad to hear that Parker is on the mend! Maybe now you can lay off that coffee. :)

I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to try to get our tree up early. Your pictures make it look mighty tempting, but my Mom offered to do my Christmas decorating while I'm in China so I may let her! :) Hope you guys enjoy your Whatever Project trip!

Love you and praying for you!!!

TanyaLea said...

Such a cute post, and so glad to hear Parker is doing better. Khloe gave us one of those scares about 2 weeks after we were home. We were up all night with her, and it turned out she was on the verge of pneuomonia when we went in. The nebulizer helped her so much though. PTL!

Loved the photo of you and Georgia with the new baby... Khloe LOVES babies, too! My sister just had her baby about 10 days ago, and Khloe was smitten from the get-go!!

Got such a kick out of Parker's artwork. Especially the one of you and your coffee mug...totally made me giggle! And his 'pancake' truck sparked a memory of my own. I remember drawing my own invention of a swimming pool bus, where the kids could go up the stairs to a full swimming pool atop the roof. Must've been hot on my bus or something, that I felt the need to 'invent' such a vehicle!! ;) I think I was around the same age as Parker. Too funny!

And lastly, I LOVE that you have a family tradition of making your own ornaments... I bet the kiddos LOVE it! And what priceless keepsakes for years to come!!

God bless! <><


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